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Use MindTouch reports

After you've configured Google Analytics, it's time to learn how to use MindTouch reports to analyze the validity of your content in MindTouch.

Review available reports

To review all available reports in MindTouch, navigate to Site tools > Dashboard:

The first column on the left lists all available reports:


Site activity report

The site activity report provides a quick snapshot of how your content creation and user membership has been growing—up to 60 days back:

Why is this important?  Review user growth over time and understand when specific days had substantial page creations, deletions or edits.

Community scoring report

The community scoring report allows you to sort your content by your end users' ratings:

Why is this important?  Provides content strategy insights for your entire company to act on. 

Highest rated content:

  • Have your marketing teams feature these articles in various channels.
  • Ensure your support teams are familiar with the most well-vetted content.

Lowest rated content:

  • Ask your documentation teams to update these to ensure better relevance and improve the user experience.

Content aging report

Similar to the functionality of the community scoring report, this is focused on the validity of your content over time:

Why is this important?  Review your content often to ensure content is still relevant over time.

Search report

The search report allows you to review with what queries your users are searching and to take appropriate actions to help users find exactly what they're looking for:

Why is this important?  Determine what terms your users are searching for to gain insight into product trends and even incorrect searches. If you notice your customers are searching for product terminology a bit differently than you imagined, consider creating search recommendations to put the correct search results in front of your customers. Consider creating search recommendations for product synonyms and common misspellings.

Usage report

The usage report allows you to review your licensed MindTouch usage:

Why is this important? Review what channels are being most used by your customers for product help, whether it be via the web, F1 contextual help, or the API.

►   Learn all about MindTouch reports


Review a user's search and view history

As users review articles, MindTouch tracks their search and article view history. As an administrator, you can review an individual user's search and view history in Control panel > Users > Users & Groups.

Why is this important?  As an account manager you may want to review what product documentation/features a customer is interested in for possible upsale purposes. As a support agent you should consider reviewing what your customers have been reviewing to gain intelligence into how they're trying to self-serve—consider the product terminology and feature documentation they're reviewing.

Understand user contributions

Looking to understand what specific pro members have been creating and editing in your site? Look no further. 

Why is this important?  Consider reviewing what specific documentation writers have been contributing as a part of your documentation team management.

►    Learn how to use the user contribution reports

Review full site history

Know that something recently changed, but looking for who made the change and other related changes? The full site history has you covered:

Why is this important?  When you're not sure who made a specific recent change and you're interested in gaining context into related changes around the same time.

►    Learn how to review the full site history

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