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Configuring Crosstab Settings

1:  Accessing Settings

The settings are accessible when you build a new crosstab, once you've run a crosstab, and for saved crosstabs.

Building a New Crosstab: Click "Build Crosstab," then select the "Settings" option in the top menu.

Saved Crosstab in the Entry Screen: Click on the settings icon for the desired crosstab.

Crosstab Report: In the "Settings" section at the top of the report, click "Edit Settings."

2:  Settings

2.1:  Name & Description

  • Name: Enter a name for the crosstab.
  • Description: Enter a description.

2.2:  Filters

  • Date Range: Filter results by a date range.
    • All: No date filter/show all
    • Custom: Enter a custom date range in the From/To fields
    • Calendar: Filter by the following options, based on the current date-
      • This Week
      • This Month
      • This Quarter
      • Previous Week
      • Previous Month
      • Previous Quarter
    • Day: Filter by day, based on the current date-
      • Today
      • Yesterday
      • Previous 7 Days
      • Previous 30 Days
      • Previous 90 Days
  • From/To: If a date range is selected these fields reflect the range selected, based on the current date. You may also enter a custom date range.
  • Additional Filter: Allows you to restrict the respondents to only those who fall into the selected segment. A list of saved crosstab segments is displayed in the menu. Crosstabs can only be filtered one segment at a time.
    • The options in the list are automatically created from saved segments. If the desired segment isn't available,  create that segment as a crosstab first. Once saved, segments in the crosstab are available to use as filters.

2.3:  Content

  • Respondent Status: Allows you to select respondents based on their survey completion status.
    • All and Partials* - includes all respondents, regardless of partial or completion status.
    • All Complete Respondents - includes all respondents who have completed the survey (as qualified, terminated, or overquota users).
    • Qualified Only - includes only respondents who have completed the survey as qualified (not terminated or overquota users).
    • Terminated Only - includes only respondents who have completed the survey as terminates.
    • Overquota Only - includes only respondents who have completed the survey as overquotas.
    • Partials Only* - includes only respondents who have not completed the survey.

**Options only available when automatic partial recovery is enabled for the survey.

  • Table Set: Allows you to select which "table set" to apply to the crosstab run. A table set is a subset of tables that you define, e.g., demographics. Any table set you save will be available as an option in the "Table Set" menu.

2.4:  Basing

  • % Base: Allows you to select respondents based on their question/segment status
    • Total Answering: Based on the "total" row, the total for the table row is updated for a respondent if at least one visible row is true (excluding aggregated and nets).
    • Total Shown: Based on the number of respondents shown any part of the question.
    • Total in Segment: Any respondent who falls into the segment's condition (e.g., qualified and male).
  • Weighting: This menu is only available if you've uploaded a weighting scheme for the crosstabs. It allows you to select a weighting scheme to apply to the crosstabs.

2.5:  Crosstab Preview

Displays a preview if the crosstab segments with the applied stat testing groups.

2.6:  Stat Testing

  • Stat Test Groups: Use commas to separate segments into stat test groups. Each segment is represented by the letter shown in the Crosstab Preview.
    • For Example: A-C,DE,F or ABC,DE,F would stat test segments A vs. B vs. C together. It would also test D vs. E separately, and F wouldn't be stat tested against any other segments.
  • Stat Test Levels: Set the thresholds for indicating statistical significance.

Click the undo icon   to revert the stat testing groups and levels back to the default.

2.7:  Permissions

  • Private: Only you (the owner) can use/edit this crosstab
  • Editable: Any logged-in user can edit this crosstab
  • View Only: Any logged-in user can view this crosstab. Only the owner can edit or delete.
  • Click here for more information about permissions