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Crosstabs Entry Page

When you open crosstabs for your project you are taken to the entry page. From here you can review the project stats, work with saved crosstabs, build new crosstab configurations or run a quick report.

1.  Navigation Menu: Easily navigate through the different phases of your project, from building and testing to reviewing the report and downloading your data.
2.  Project Summary: A summary listing the project name, total completes, total qualified completes, total respondents for the day, and the field dates.
3.  Saved Crosstabs:  Any saved crosstabs are shown here, simply click on a saved crosstab to run the report. Each saved crosstab has links to:

  • edit the crosstab configuration
  • modify settings
  • make a copy  of the crosstab
  • export in the format of your choosing
  • delete the crosstab

4.  Crosstab Options:  Options for running a crosstab:

  • Build Crosstab: Build a custom crosstab from scratch. This is the most robust option, allowing you to create multiple segments off of one question, create nested logic, and preview the segments (or drag and drop to rearrange them) before running the crosstab.
  • Run Quick Split Crosstab: Run a quick split based off of a question in the survey, date logic, or a saved crosstab segment.
  • Run Total: Allows you to run the total frequency report.