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Crosstabs Overview


1: About Crosstabs

The Crosstabs reporting system by Decipher is designed to improve the speed and ease of crosstab creation. Beyond a modernization of the look & feel, pre-defined tables are generated for all question and answer combinations, allowing users to quickly select the tables they desire by the segments they wish to view. Crosstabs incorporates the main navigation menu that is used throughout the Beacon platform, allowing for quick navigation from building and testing to reviewing the field report and downloading your data . Additionally, users now have the power to define nets, create summary tables, update table text & add desired statistics.

2: Accessing Crosstabs

To access the new Crosstabs reporting tool from the portal, select the menu icon  to open the project controls for your project. In the "Report" section, select "Crosstabs."

You can also access Crosstabs from anywhere in the application using the universal navigation menu.

Note: In the survey testing application, this is found in the "Quick Links" menu.

3: Crosstabs Entry Page

When you open crosstabs for your project you are taken to the entry page. From here you can review the project stats, work with saved crosstabs, build new crosstab configurations or run a quick report.

Click here to learn more.

4: Crosstabs

Run the crosstab of your choosing to view the crosstab screen shown here:

The main body of the Crosstabs reporting tool contains the applied banners, tables and charts.

Click here to learn more.

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