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Adding Charts in Report (2010)


After you have run a standard or a custom report, our system gives you the ability to add a chart to any of your report segments. Charts are great for mapping and understanding data by allowing you to view it in a charted format within your report.

1: Adding a Chart

To add a chart, click on the chart icon visible at the bottom of each segment in your report:

A new window will open showing all the editing options for your chart:

1.1: Viewing the Chart Window

  1. Chart View - This area shows you a preview of the chart.
  2. General - This tab gives you general editing options including chart type, chart title and chart size.
  3. Formatting - This tab shows the formatting options including style, color, font size, etc. (see example below).
  4. Label List - This tab allows you to select and arrange the labels for the chart (see example below).
  5. Chart type - This area allows you to select a chart type (H bar, V bar, Pie, Area, Line, Polar - see examples below).
  6. Chart title - This area allows you to edit the chart title.
  7. Size - This drop-down list allows you adjust the chart size.

Formatting tab: This area gives you the ability to format your chart with a variety of elements. You can set background elements, 3D style, select a color palette, set the axis scale, set the segment layout, set the legend location or transpose segments/rows. You can also format the labels' visibility, rotation and font size.

Label List tab: This area allows you to customize the label titles, set colors for each label and select which labels you want visible in the chart.

1.2: Selecting a Chart Type

You can select any of the following chart types to include in your report.

H Bar (horizontal bars) chart:

V Bar (vertical bars) chart:

Pie chart:

Area chart:

Line chart:

Polar chart:

1.3: Applying the Selected Chart

When you are finished editing and formatting your chart, click on the 'add chart to report' button on the bottom of the window:

Your new chart will now be visible within your report:

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