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Virtual Question Tables

Once you've run the desired report, the contents of that report will appear, including the survey questions and answer options and any virtual (i.e., hidden) questions your survey may contain. The report also includes additional information that is collected by default, including things like the total interview time and the browser used by the respondent.

These variables are also included in your Crosstabs report.


[vlist] Sample source (if applicable): This table contains the data for the sample sources for the survey.
[voqtable] Overquotas (if applicable): An overquota table will display the overquota data for each quota in the survey.
[vqtable] Quotas (if applicable): A quota table will display the data for each quota in the survey.
[qtime] Total Interview Time: This calculation in this table measures the interview time for each respondent in seconds and % of seconds.
[vos] Operating System: This table tracks the operating system used by the respondent.
[vbrowser] Browser: This table tracks the browser the respondent used to take the survey.
[conditions] Conditions (if applicable): The condition table will display the data for named logic conditions (i.e., logic conditions that use "save as" and are named in Builder) for each named condition in the survey.
[_tcx] Checkbox tracker (if applicable, must be requested and enabled before field): The checkbox tracker table  tracks whether or not a row in a multi-select question was enabled and visible to the respondent, generating blank results if it is not seen, for all multi-select questions in the survey.
[vmobiledevice] Mobile Device:  This table tracks the mobile device the respondent used to take the survey, when applicable.
[vmobileos] Mobile Operating System: This table tracks the mobile operating system used by the respondent, when applicable.
[status] Respondent Status: This table tracks the qualification status of the respondent, i.e., terminated, overquota, qualified or partial complete.

[vdropout] Last seen question: This table tracks the respondent dropout information by tracking the last seen question.

Note: Only available in surveys where auto recovery of data is enabled. Learn how

[vterm] Terminates: This table tracks the terminates that screens out respondents from the survey.

Note: This table automatically generates for surveys with compat levels 133+.