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Restricting User Access to the Field Report

   Requires Decipher Cloud

1:  Restricting User Access to the Field Report

Note: Restrictions are possible only on the "list" variable.

If a project has multiple list variables it is possible to restrict a user's access to the field report by list. To begin, locate the project in the Portal and click the "User's" tab. Next click the link to "Add User / Group."

In the Add Users window, click the text box to display a dropdown and select the user / group you want to add to the project. Next, select "Custom" for the Permission Level and set the permissions. Click here for a description of the permission options. The user's access to the "Field Report," "Data" must be set to "none," as those will not be limited.

In the Other text box, enter "dashboard.view/x" in the area provided, where "x" is the list variable. In the example below the user will be able to view the data for lists 1 and 2 in the Field Report. Multiple list variables should be separated by commas.

Then click "Add to Project."  The user is added to the project with custom permissions applied.

When the user views the Field Report they will only see the data for the list variable(s) they have permission to view. In this example, the "Total" shown reflects the data for Sample A (list=1) and Sample B (list=2), and when the report is split by list they can view the counts for each.

1.1:  Restricting Access to Specific Tabs

In the same way as restricting data to certain lists, you can restrict access to certain tabs using a list variable and a valid tab name.

Note: List and tab restriction can be combined or used individually, but tab restriction requires that you also specify a list variable.

For example, you can set the permission to "dashboard.view/1,2,completion" to restrict access to only the completions tab for lists 1 and 2. The following are the internal tab names you must use:

  • completion  -- main Completions tab
  • dropout -- Dropouts
  • terminate  -- Terminates
  • quota -- Quota
  • custom -- Custom reports (custrep.txt)
  • email -- Campaigns
  • oldquota  -- for studies using legacy "hquota" quota interface only

1.2:  Restricting Access to Quota Sheets

If the user has access to the "quota" tab, he will by default be able to see any quota sheet regardless of his list settings. The counts displayed however would be filtered by accessible lists.

To display only some quota sheets to restricted users, set the fieldReport attribute on each <quota> tag. If set to fieldReport="none" then no restricted field report users will be able to see that quota sheet.

If set to fieldReport="1,2,3" then only users that have access to any of lists 1, 2 or 3 will be able to see the quota sheet. If omitted or set to fieldReport="" then no special restrictions apply.