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Sharing and Printing Field Statistics

Sharing Field Report Content

On the right side of each field report tab, you will find three icons allowing you to easily send or export the content.  These options allow you to email, print or export to Excel.

The blue envelope icon will open the below email form for sending the content.  You have the option to select one or more tab to include in the email; this allows you to send only the content important to the recipient.  To send to more than one recipient, simply include multiple email addresses separated by a single space.  You can then enter a note into the optional message window and click send. 

You can also easily send to a printer.  The drop down will allow you to select one or more tabs to be included in the printout. Exporting to Excel works the same as with the printing feature.  The campaigns and quota options will only show if applicable to your project. 

Excel Export
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