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Monitoring Campaigns in Field

The campaigns tab is only available if your project is using Decipher for email sends.

1:  Summary Statistics

The first area of the campaigns tab is the Summary Statistics. This area lists the statistics for the email campaign including the total number of emails sent, opt-outs, bounce backs, open rate, response rate, etc.

1.1:  Definition of Statistics

Below is an explanation of how each statistic is calculated in the Field Report. These can also be viewed by mousing over the term in the campaigns tab.


List Total Total amount of email addresses in all lists
Sent Number of emails sent out
Bad/Malformed Incorrectly formatted email addresses
Duplicate Addresses Decipher automatically dedupes lists so the recipient will only receive one email
Opt-Outs Decipher will not send emails to people who have opted out
(+41) Number of opt-out requests after the survey launched
Throttled Addresses Recently contacted addresses not included in this send (typically in the last 14 days, however, defaults can be modified if requested)
Bounce-Backs Email returned from server (address no longer exists)
Additional Suppression Emails not sent for other reasons (e.g., contact has already completed the survey)
Potential Contacts Number of potential recipients (total sent minus all suppressed emails)
Opened Measured number of opened invitations
Open Rate Opened / Potential
Click-Through Rate Click-Through / Sent
Response Rate (Terminates + Overquota + Qualified) / Potential
Spam Rate Spam complaint rate. Click here to see how it's calculated.
Unsent Emails remaining to be sent

1.2:  Initial Sends

The next area of the campaigns tab is the Initial Sends. This lists the soft sends from your original email list with the date and time in the first column and the total number sent in the second column. If you click on each date and time, a drop down list will show statistics for that particular send. Click again to hide the statistics.

1.3:  Reminders

The final area of the campaigns tab is the Reminders. This area lists each reminder email sent after the initial email was sent with the date and time in the first column and the total number sent in the second column.