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Monitoring Completions in Field

The completions tab is the default view of the field report. There are various statistics that can be viewed on the completions tab, along with a visual representation of the field activity. 

1:  Completions Tab

In the field report shown below, you can see the details collected for a live project. Included with the information is a visual breakout of how many qualified completes finished each day. 

1.1:  The Chart

You can mouse-over any point on the chart to view the total qualified completes for that day. Click on a point to see the hourly breakdown for that day.

The field graphic can be drilled down further to show the hourly completes on a specified day. This can be done by clicking anywhere on a point in the graph. To return to the daily breakdown, click "Zoom Out."

1.2:  Completion Statistics

Below is an explanation of how each statistic is calculated in the field report. The statistics are modifiable, and can be set to show your preferred statistics by default.

Click-Through Respondents who opened the first page of the survey. Click on the number to open the partial data in tab-delimited form in a new browser window. To learn more, click here.
Partial Completes Respondents who dropped out of the survey
Terminates Respondents who were terminated
Overquota Respondents terminated due to quota logic
Qualified Completes Respondents who qualified and completed the survey
Participation Rate (Terminates + Overquota + Qualified) / Click-Through
Incidence (Qualified + Overquota) / (Click-Through - Partial)
Completion Time (average) Average completion time for a qualified respondent. The average is calculated by removing the top and bottom 1% (i.e., any time outside of 3 standard deviations), then recalculating the average with the remaining 99%.
Completion Time (median) Median completion time for a qualified respondent. The median is adjusted by removing those values outside of 3 standard deviations (~1% of values), then recalculating the median with the remaining ~99%.

1.3:  Segment Drill-down

The completions tab can be split by predefined segments, including languages and sample source lists. Below we see the same field report as above, split by various lists used for sample. All formulas hold per category, and percentages are based only on that segment.

Tip:  Hide a segment by clicking on the segment name below the chart.