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About the Field Report


The field report allows you to monitor the progress of your survey before, during and after it has launched. Every project will have at least a Completions tab and a Drop-Outs tab. Depending on how your survey is set up, you may also have a Campaigns tab, a Terminates tab and a Quotas tab.


1: Available Tabs and Features

Below is a numbered overview of the field report screen along with descriptions of each feature:

1. Navigation Menu:  Easily navigate through the different phases of your project, from building and testing to reviewing the report and downloading your data.

2. Completions: The completions tab is the default view of Field Report. View various statistics along with a visual representation of the field activity.  To learn more about reviewing completions, click here.

3. Campaigns: The campaigns tab is only available if your project is using Decipher for email sends. This area will show a list of summary statistics for your email sends, a list of soft sends and reminders. To learn more about the campaigns tab, click here.

4. Terminates: The terminates tab is only available if you have terminates set in your survey. This area shows a list of terminate segments and the total number of respondents terminated for each. To learn more about the terminates tab, click here.

5. Quotas: The quotas tab is only available if you have quotas set in your survey. This area shows the quota statistics for your survey . To learn more about the quotas tab, click here. To learn how to edit your quotas, click here.

6. Drop-Outs: The drop-outs tab lists the page number, question and drop out statistics for each respondent who dropped out of the survey. To learn more about the drop-outs tab, click here.

7. User & Help Links: The links in the user dropdown menu in the top right corner give you direct access to your account and the ability to logout. For updates on our latest release, there's a link to the Decipher news page. The help link provides quick access to knowledge base or helpdesk.

8. Split Report: This drop-down list allows you to split the field report by one or more variables (languages, sample source lists, os, browser, mobile category, custom variables, and email (campaigns only)). Click here for information about splitting the field report.

9. Email/Print/Excel: These three links allow you to email the page, print the page, or download the Field Report data to Excel.

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