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Launching a Survey


Once you have completed all changes and are ready for respondents to take the survey you may launch the survey.

To launch your survey, select "Launch Survey" under the "Distribute" section of the menu.

Review the sample sources, survey links and mobile settings carefully. To make changes, click "Edit" to modify the settings without leaving the launch process. Once the settings are confirmed, click "Launch."

The launch system will check for open or unresolved tasks. If there are open tasks you have an opportunity to review and address them before the survey is launched. Click "View tasks" and the open tasks will appear in the window. If the tasks need to be addressed before launch, close the task window click "cancel" to stop the launch process and address the changes. If all open tasks are resolved, click the "Continue launch" button to proceed with the launch.

Next, the launch system will run test data through the survey to check for errors.

If errors exist in the survey a message similar to the example below will appear in the window. In this example the amount of test data that was able to run through the survey was not sufficient to indicate the survey is error-free. All issues must be resolved before you can continue. If this error occurs, click "cancel" and run test data through the option in the actions menu. This will allow you to identify the specific issue(s) in the survey before launch.


Note: To launch a multi-language survey, you must first get 100 test completes, with at least 31 of these qualifying for each language used. 

If no errors are found in the survey then the survey will go live. "Congratulations! Your survey is now live and ready for respondents!" will appear in the window. From here you can go to the project's portal, field report or report, or just go to the portal.

In the Portal, the status of the project in the project menu bar will indicate that the survey is now live.


Once a survey is launched, the survey can be edited following the procedure for editing a live survey. The process involves setting up a temporary version of the live survey that will allow you to make the appropriate edits and merge changes to the live survey without interrupting data collection. Merging changes to a live survey follows the same launch process mentioned above.

Learn More: Editing a Live Survey.

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