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Shorten Survey URL Link

You can shorten survey URL links to make them easier to share. For example, a link to the survey "https://v2.decipherinc.com/survey/selfserve/1819/1412119" can be shorten to "https://v2.decipherinc.com/b/1819/1412119" .

This is helpful:

  • When you want to recruit respondents quickly by providing an easier survey link. 
  • With clients that don’t have an email address and use their phone to take a survey.
  • For easy sharing the survey URL in seminars.
  • For reducing the amount of typing required if the client is copying the URL from a print material.

How to Shorten a Link?

Copy the survey URL from your web browser's address bar and replace "survey/selfserve" with "b". The shorten URL immediately redirects to "/survey/selfserve". This redirect does retain the "Referer" header.

CNAME aliases works with shorten survey URL link.

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