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Sending Emails From an Alternative Domain

Important note:  If you would like to send emails from an alternative domain and do not already have a CNAME record set up, you must allow a few days for the setup process. The Decipher IT department requires 24 hours notice for setup, after the CNAME has been configured on your (the client) end.

Step 1:  Setup Your CNAME Record

If you already have a CNAME record setup, skip to step 2.

A CNAME record allows us (Decipher) to send emails on our clients' behalf while fully conforming to the clients' branding. Using a CNAME record greatly reduces spam complaints, while increasing response rates by better establishing the legitimacy of the email source.

Create a CNAME record that points to a desired domain [yourcompany.com] to decipherinc.com. This can be done by talking to your internal IT department to find out who is in charge of the nameserver, also known as the DNS server. Review and follow the instructions provided in How to Setup a CNAME Record.

Once the CNAME record has been configured for your server, contact your primary contact at Decipher to let them know that it's setup on your end. We require at least 24 hours notice to complete the configuration. Your primary contact will notify you when the CNAME record is ready to use.

Step 2:  Create the Email Campaign

Once the CNAME record has been configured, follow the steps outlined in Creating an Email Campaign. When you get to point 4:  Sender Settings, you will enter the CNAME record in the "From Address" field. 

Note: The email send "from address", invite@decipherinc.com, should be the only "from address" used. If you have setup a CNAME you still need to use the "invite@" but you can specify your cname instead, for example invite@yourcompany.com.

Click here for details on how to setup a domain alias (CNAME) so you can send emails from another domain.

Click here for information about the sender settings.

Step 3:  Send Test Emails

Finally, proceed with the process of testing and sending the emails for your campaign. When the test emails are sent out, confirm the alternative domain appears in the "from" area when you receive the email.