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Language Options

Toggling Between Languages

While reviewing your survey, you have the ability to toggle between languages if you have multiple languages set in your survey. Click on the actions menu and locate the languages, then click on the dropdown menu for a list of languages. The dropdown field will list the languages available for your survey. Click on the language you'd like to view and it will automatically populate the survey with the language you selected.


Making Translation Edits

After reviewing your survey in the different languages, you can directly edit the translations by clicking on the "edit" button to make changes to the text. Once the changes are made click "save". The new translations will appear in the survey when the appropriate language is selected. This is helpful if you have minor changes to make. For more information on editing survey text, click here.


Manage Translations

The translation manager allows you to view all the translations on one screen, along with the original English version. This feature is very useful if you have a large amount of changes you'd like to make to the translated text.  You can directly edit the translations by choosing "Manage Translations" in the language area of the actions menu.


A new page will open allowing you to view and edit the translations for each question. The Language Manager is set up in a grid format, listing each question and the multiple language translations. 

Click here for instructions on how to use the Language Manager to edit translations.