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Verifying Images and Videos

Overview of Verifying Images and Videos

In order to verify images and videos, you’ll need to test the survey with tools and without. Navigate through the survey to the survey element containing the image or video and verify that the image or video presents as expected.

Repeat this process and verify all images and videos in the survey.  

Learn more: Show Survey With Tools

Potential Issues

Here are some common things to consider when verifying images and videos:

  • Specifications

    • Is the correct image or video showing in the survey element?

    • Are there specific sizing requirements according to the client or questionnaire?

    • Should the image or video have protection (ex.watermark, right-click disabled)? Is this working as expected?

  • Overall Look & Feel

    • Does the image look nice on the screen which it’s being viewed?

  • Consistency

    • Does the image look nice across multiple browsers & various devices?

  • Functionality

    • Does the video play?

    • Is the audio working?

    • Is the continue button disabled while the video is playing?

    • Should the image link to a description or larger view of the image? Is this feature working?

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