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Strategies for Testing Your Survey

Testing your survey is a vital part of ensuring your project’s success before fielding.  By testing your survey before a launch you can avoid:

  • Unnecessary costs

  • The need to re-field

  • Incorrect data

  • Increased dropouts

  • And other issues that arise from errors in your project

There are a few different methods that can be used to test your survey:

Click on each section to learn more about that method of testing.  

  • Testing an Online Survey: involves going through each page of your survey and looking for errors that can only be caught by eye (spelling mistakes, verifying condition logic, verifying images and videos, etc.)

  • Simulated Testing: looks for errors in survey logic or survey flow by forcing simulated data through your survey.

  • Report Testing: Report testing verifies things like logic, quotas, terminates by utilizing crosstabs, and other reporting tools.

Each method utilizes a variety of tools on the decipher platform and is targeted to check various parts of your survey.  Additionally, testing methods can overlap, and provide an extra level of verification that a particular component of your survey is working properly (ex. condition logic can be verified by manual testing, simulated testing and/or report testing).  

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