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Project Controls

1:  Accessing the Project Controls

To access the project controls menu, click on the menu icon   located next to the project name. This menu gives you access to all of the project options for building, testing, distributing and fielding your project.

2:  Overview

2.1:  Build

Build Option Description Access Requirement
Edit Survey Opens the survey builder, allowing you to build and edit the survey. Survey: Build
Edit LIVE Survey Allows you to edit a survey that is live and actively collecting data. Survey: Build
Edit XML Opens the survey XML editor. Survey: Build
View Survey Setup Opens the survey builder in view-only mode. Survey: Build
View XML Opens the survey XML editor in view-only mode. Survey: Build
Project Settings Opens the project settings window, allowing you to quickly review and adjust the general settings for your survey. Survey: Build
Languages Allows you to edit translations in your survey, if the survey contains multiple languages. Survey: Build

2.2:  Test

Test Option Description Access Requirement
Test Survey Opens the survey in a new window for testing. You may choose to view the survey in respondent view or show the testing toolbar. Survey: View
Simulated Testing Allows you to run test data through the survey to check for errors and populate the report. Survey: Edit
Project Summary Allows you to view a summary of the survey URLs, exit links, quotas and settings for your survey. Survey: View

2.3:  Distribute

Distribute Option Description Access Requirement
Launch Survey Allows you to launch a survey once it has been finalized and is ready to gather data from respondents.
Please do not launch a survey unless it's been previously discussed with your account team.
Survey: Edit
Close Survey Opens a window allowing you to close a survey. Survey: Edit
Email Campaigns Opens the email campaign manager, where you can create and manage email campaigns for the project. Campaign Manager Access
CATI Management When CATI sample has been added to a survey, this opens the CATI management console.  
CATI Mode When CATI sample has been added to a survey, this opens the login screen for interviewers.  
Start/Stop Dialer When CATI ProTS sample has been added to a survey, this link is used to start or stop the dialer.  

2.4:  Report

Report Option Description Access Requirement
Field Report Opens the field report allowing you to preview survey completions, terminates, quotas, and drop-outs. Field Report: View
Data Downloads Opens the downloads menu in the report. Data: Download
Report (2010) Opens the Report in the 2010 format, allowing for detailed report analysis and editing options. Report: View
Crosstabs Opens the Crosstabs reporting environment, designed to improve the speed and ease of crosstab creation. Report: View
Saved Reports Opens custom reports created and saved in Crosstabs. Report: View
View/Edit Responses Opens the Data Editor, where you can view and edit survey respondent data. Report: Edit
Dashboards Opens the survey Dashboard menu, where you can add new or view previously created dashboards. Report: View
Version Control Allows you to view previous versions in the history of the survey. For each previous version of the survey you may view the report, survey XML, the date of the change, the user that made the change and the number of changes made. Survey: Edit
Simulated Data History Opens a history report of simulated data, where each row represents a separate run. Survey: Edit

2.5:  Actions

Action Description Access Requirement
Rename Project Allows you to change the name of your project in the research hub only. Survey: Edit
Duplicate Project Allows you to create a duplicate version of your survey. Survey: Build & Project Creator or Supervisor
Export Survey Allows you to download the survey in PDF, Word, Text, HTML or OpenOffice ODT format. Report: View
Delete Project Allows you to delete a project. Please note that this is only available before the project has been launched. Builder Access & Survey: Build
Archive Project Keep your research hub clean and easy to navigate by essentially hiding projects you deem old or no longer active. When you archive a project, it is only done in your view and will not affect the view for any other users. Survey: Edit
Upload System Files Allows you to manage files within your survey directory. Files can be placed in a static directory visible to the public, or they can be hidden within the project directory for secure surveys. Survey: Edit