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Email Servers, IP Addresses and Host Names

This is a complete list of our outgoing email servers, their IP address and host names.

  • (charon.decipherinc.com) -- used for unbranded sends, if --type=unbranded supplied
  • (apollo.decipherinc.com)
  • (bellerophon.decipherinc.com)
  • (bragi.decipherinc.com)
  • (bragi2.decipherinc.com)
  • (bragi3.decipherinc.com)
  • -- sends done from European servers may be sent through these IPs
  • (mail2.eufvsurvey.com)
  •  (ares-out.decipherinc.com) - limited only to very rare types of panel manager sends, password resets -- note this is a separate IP from "v2.decipherinc.com"

List current as of April 2016

If you are a client who wants a list of our SPF records, you can use include:bulk.decipherinc.com in your SPF records. This list will always have all of our outgoing bulk email IPs. Right now it contains this record (which can also be pasted into SPF -- but then you must update it if it changes): 

v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4:  -all

Transactional email sent from cloud servers (e.g. password resets, new user accounts, alert emails) is sent through Sendgrid and will come from these 3 IPs. If you have trouble receiving such email from cloud servers, you may have to whitelist them:

  • (o1.sends.decipherinc.com)
  • (o2.sends.decipherinc.com)
  • (o3.sends.decipherinc.com)
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