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Browser Support


The below list of supported browsers is a general rule of thumb in regards to our level of browser support for each area within our system. Generally for these browsers, we are actively testing and verifying that our surveys and/or software view properly on them prior to upgrades and new releases. Requirements for all browsers:

  • All browsers require JavaScript to be enabled
  • Minimum supported application resolution (i.e., Decipher, not the respondent view) is 1024 x 768

Throughout this document, the asterisk character (*) indicates testing is performed in the current version of the browser.

Click here to view the global "browser stats" page that contains a breakdown of the current/last 30 days mobile devices and operating system usage. You must have Decipher Staff access to view this page.

1: Respondent View

1.1: Online Surveys

The following details the online respondent view supported browsers for desktop and mobile devices.

1.1.1: Desktop

Supported browsers for respondent view on a desktop:

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11 (9/10 subject to limited testing)
  • Firefox*
  • Chrome*

1.1.2: Mobile Devices

Supported browsers for respondent view on a mobile device:

  • iOS 9.2+ Safari
  • Android 4.4, 5.1, 6.0 - Chrome*, UC Browser*

1.2: Offline Surveys

The following details the offline respondent view supported browsers for desktop and mobile devices. Click here for more information on offline survey functionality.

1.2.1: Desktop

  • Chrome*
  • Firefox*

1.2.2: Mobile Devices

  • Android 6 Chrome*

1.2.3: Offline App

  • iOS (version 9+, recommended 10)
  • Android (version 6+, recommended 6)

2: Application

The following details the application supported browsers.

2.1: Desktop

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Firefox*
  • Chrome*
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