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Creating Logic With Raw Code

the survey editor allows you to write or edit logic for questions or answer options in the form of raw code.

Read Adding Logic to a Question or Answer Option to learn how to build logic using the standard method (i.e., it does not require use of raw code).

To edit or create logic with raw code for a question or answer option, click on the question or answer option so the options appear in the right panel. Then click on "Show if" and "+ condition" (or edit an existing condition).

The "Setup Logic Conditions" window will appear. In the bottom left corner, click on "show raw code" to open the raw code editing field.

If you've already created a logic condition, this allows you to view and edit the raw code.

To add to the logic, simply type valid code into the field, as shown below. If the code is valid, the logic description will update. Review the description to confirm it's correct. Then click "Save," or "Save As" if you wish to name the condition for later use in the survey editor.

Helpful documentation on writing raw code:

If the logic entered is complex (i.e., involves nesting, statements or vector logic) or invalid, you may see a message that states "custom code has been entered for this condition," shown below. Be sure to run test data on the survey to test that the logic is valid.

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