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Text Style and Formatting Options

In the survey editor, highlight text or place the cursor where you want the formatting to occur. Then select the option in the toolbar.

Tip:  Hover-over an option in the toolbar to view the description.

The style and formatting options are described below:

Option Description Hotkeys
Clear Formatting Clears out any formatting applied to the text
E.g., If you paste in content copied from a Word document, highlight the text and click this option to clear the formatting
Bold Makes the text bold, e.g., Bold ctrl+b
Italic Makes the text italic, e.g., italic ctrl+i
Underline Underline the selected text, e.g., underline ctrl+u
Font Sizes Specify the font size (8pt, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt, 18pt, 24pt, 36pt)  
Text Color Change the color of the selected text  
Image Manager Add an image in the selected location
Learn more: Adding & Managing Images
Insert/Edit Link Insert a link in the selected location
Learn more: Insert/Edit Link in Survey Text
Piping Tool Allows you to pipe text into the selected position in the question or answer option
Learn more: Using the Piping Tool
Align Left Align text to the left side of the screen  
Align Center Align text to the center of the screen  
Align Right Align text to the right side of the screen  
Numbered List Create a numbered list, where each line is numbered  
Bullet List Create a bullet list, where each line is given a bullet point  
Increase Indent Increase the indent for the selected text  
Decrease Indent Decrease the indent for the selected text  
Special Character Insert a special character  
Superscript Insert superscript text  
Subscript Insert subscript text  
Source Code Open the source code for the question  
Undo Undo the last change  
Redo Redo the last change