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Autofill Element


The autofill element is used for creating segments, auto-punching and advanced piping. Respondents will not see autofill elements.

1: Adding an Autofill Element

To insert an autofill element, add a new survey element, select "Structural" and choose "Autofill". Then click "Insert".

Add an appropriate title in the space provided. Then select "Edit Answers" to add classifications.

Enter the options for the autofill element in the area provided. The options can be a short description of the logic conditions that will populate the element (e.g., "Specialty sporting goods buyers"). Once the option text is entered select "Save".

You may edit the classifications by selecting the same "Edit Answers" icon you used to add the classifications. To add logic to the classifications you may select an existing logic condition or create new logic conditions by selecting the "all" icon that appears under "select if". To add a new condition for a classification, select "+condition" in the dropdown for the row. The selected condition will only be applied to the row you are updating.

Select the question you want to use for the logic from the dropdown menu, select "is" or "is NOT" from the dropdown menu, then select the answer choices that will define the logic. For more information on adding logic, click here. Select "Save", or "Save As..." if you wish to name the condition for later use in Builder.

The classifications specified in the autofill element appear in the report and track responses according to the logic specified.

2: Advanced Piping With the Autofill Element

Once created, the autofill element allows you to insert a pipe based on the options selected in a multi-select element by specifying what text will be piped based on the respondents' selections. To pipe responses from the autofill element, you will need to utilize the piping tool. Click here to learn how to create advanced pipes using autofill and the piping tool.

3: Options for an Autofill Element

The options available are located on the right side of the screen. You can set rules for the entire element by clicking near the question text. The options section will show the title and label of the element you have selected to edit.

  • Label: The label assigned to the element. You may edit the default label for the autofill element here.
  • Show If: Allows you to create new logic conditions or select an existing logic condition for the element. For more information, click here.
  • More Options: Use the drop down menu to select less commonly used options. Once selected, you will be able to specify the setting for that option. For more information on each option, click here.
  • Raw Options: If you prefer to manually enter the XML options, use the "Raw Options" dialog. This is useful for copying and pasting options between survey elements.

4: Learn More 

  • Using the XML Editor? Click here to find out more about using the autofill element.
  • Click here to learn more about the piping tool.
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