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Block Element

The block element is used for element based randomization, and does not show to respondents taking the survey.

1:  Adding a Block Element

1.1:  Using the Builder Toolbar

To insert a block element, add a new survey element, select "Structural" and choose "Block". Then click "Insert".

The block element must be placed before any elements that will be assigned to the block.

Add a title for the block in the area provided.

1.2:  Using the Question Tree

To add a block element using the question tree, select the questions you wish to include in the new block and select "add to block" from the menu bar that will appear. You can select multiple questions in the question tree by holding down the Ctrl key (or "command" for Mac) while clicking on each question.

The question you selected in the question tree are included in the new block element. Add a title for the block in the area provided.

2:  Add Elements to the Block Element

Add elements to the block by selecting the "add to block" link that appears with the question label and text in the bottom of the block window. The block will add elements in descending order based on the question tree hierarchy. The next element that can be added will show the question label and text next to the "+" symbol.

If an element you wish to add is not already in descending order below the block element you can drag and drop the element into the block in the question tree. Simply grab the question and slowly drag it into place within the block.


3:  Randomize Elements in a Block Element

To randomize the elements within the block, select the block and check the box under "shuffle" for each element you want to include in the randomization. Two or more elements must be selected for shuffle to be enabled.

4:  Nesting Block Elements

You can also nest blocks. To create a block within a block follow the same steps above, inserting the new block after the first block. The new block of elements will be randomized as a group, and the new block will also shuffle in the first block (if selected under "shuffle").

5:  General Options for a Block Element

The options available are located on the right side of the screen. You can set rules for all elements within the block element. The option section will show the title and label of the block element.

  • Label: The label assigned to the element. You may edit the default label for the block here.
  • Show if: Allows you to create new logic conditions or select an existing logic condition for the element. For more information, click here.

6:  Remove Elements From a Block Element

The question tree should also be used to remove an element from a block. Grab the element you wish to remove and slowly drag it out of the block section to a new location in the question tree. If you want to delete the question from the survey, select the question in the question tree and it will then appear in Builder's stage. Click the "x" in the top left corner of the question to delete the question.

In order to remove a block, all elements within the block must be manually removed by slowly dragging the elements out of the block hierarchy using the question tree.

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