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Fulcrum Quota Element

Any quotas used for Fulcrum sample should use the Fulcrum Quota Element. This dedicated quota element allows Fulcrum to track their sample, filling only quotas that apply to them. A standard quota element may be used, however it is not recommended when non-Fulcrum sample sources are also being used because Fulcrum cannot differentiate their sample bucket from the others.

Learn more about Fulcrum:  Adding Fulcrum Automatic Sample

To insert a Fulcrum quota element, add a new survey element, select the "Structural" tab and choose "Fulcrum Quota". Then click "Insert".

Quota elements must be placed immediately after a page break in order for them to function properly.

The Fulcrum quota contains logic that restricts the element to Fulcrum sample. The quota element is not shown to respondents when viewing the survey.

Next, follow the steps found here to setup the quota and cells.