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Adding Answer Groups

The survey builder allows you to add single-dimension grouping in question elements. You can then shuffle the attributes within a group, shuffle multiple groups and/or include headers for the groups.

1:  Adding Answer Groups

To add an answer group, click on the "Answer Actions", then click "+ Answer Group".

Enter a name for the group.

Then drag the group into the position you want it to appear in the question. Repeat these steps for each new group.

1.1:  Add Answers to a Group

Answers can be added to the group via drag & drop, or adding new answers within the group.

Tip:  Use Keyboard Shortcuts to quickly add answers to groups.

1.1.1:  Drag & Drop

If the question already has answers, you can drag & drop the answers into the group. Click on the dots for the row and move it into the desired position.

1.1.2:  Add Answer in Group

Alternatively, you can create new answers within the group. Click "+Answer in Group" and enter the text.

Once configured, our question looks like this:

2:  Options for Groups

  • Label: The label assigned to the group. You may edit the default label for the group here.
  • Languages: Select what languages the element will show in if the survey has multiple languages. The default is "all languages".
  • Do not Shuffle: This option is only available if the "shuffle group" general option for the element is selected. Checking this box will force the group to remain stationary.
  • Show header: When checked the group name will show in the respondent view as a header.
  • More options: Use the drop down menu to select less commonly used options. Once selected, you will be able to specify the setting for that option. For more information on each option, click here.
  • Raw options: If you prefer to manually enter the XML options, use the "raw options" dialogue. This is useful for copying and pasting options between survey elements.

3:  Deleting Groups

To delete a group, click on the "X" icon next to the group name. Then choose:

  • Keep Answers: Only delete the group header, not the answers within it.
  • Delete All: Delete the group header AND the answers within the group.