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Adding Questions From the Library

1:  Adding Questions From the Library

To add questions or elements to a survey from the element library, select where you want the element to appear in the tree and click "+Add New Element" at the bottom of the builder stage.

Then click "Library", to open the element library. Select the desired element(s) and click "Add to Survey."

The element library provides many ways to search and access elements and options for adding them to your survey.    Click here for a complete description of the features available in the element library.

Click an element to view its details (question type, label, text and answer options) in the scroll able window to the right..

1.1:  Locked Elements

You can not edit locked elements or templates that you insert into the survey. When you add one that is locked, a semi-transparent overlay displays on locked elements in a survey as a reminder of this.

To unlock elements in the survey editor, click "Unlock Element." After you unlock elements, you can make changes to it such as modifying answer options, etc.  Afterwards, you can save the modified element to the library as a new element.  Any changes you make do not affect the original locked element.  Click here for more information about locked elements.

1.2:  Standard Industry Questions

These question options are only accessible for new companies that don't already have an existing question library.

The standard industry questions are commonly demographic questions, including:

  • Age (Single-Select)
  • Age (Number)
  • Education (Single-Select)
  • Employment (Single-Select)
  • Ethnicity (Multi-Select)
  • Ethnicity (Single-Select)
  • Gender (Single-Select)
  • Income (Single-Select)
  • Marital Status (Single-Select)

Click a question to view the question type, label, text and answer options.