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Excluding Answer Options From Statistics

When using the rating/scale feature in Builder there may be answer options you want to exclude from the statistics in the Report, without losing the data. Typically this is used for "Don't know" type answers that deviate from the other measurable attributes in the question.

To exclude an answer option from the rating/scale in the report, first confirm that the rating/scale option is selected. To learn more about rating questions, click here. Click on the answer option you want to exclude so the options appear in the right panel. In the "Мore Оptions" dropdown menu, select "aggregate." The aggregate option will be added; leave the checkbox blank to enable it. When aggregate is enabled the row or choice will only be excluded from the rating statistics in the report, the data will still appear for the answer option.

In the report, we can see that the statistics are calculated for the measurable attributes but the excluded row is not included in the calculation. Although it's excluded from the statistics, the responses are still collected for the answer option and appear in the report.