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Applying a Prior Project Version to a New Project

Decipher uses project versions to add new features, improve existing functionality, and apply bug fixes. Sometimes the new versions are not backwards-compatible with older features. In order to use of older features, it is possible to downgrade to a previous project version.

To see what has changed from version to version, check out the compatibility levels.

Normally, when you create a new project, Decipher automatically upgrades you to the latest project version.  If you want to use older features, you may need to specify a prior project version on the new project page.

To apply a prior project version to a new project:

Complete the new project page as usual, but click the "Advanced" link to expand the dialog and set the project version to "Previous (Decipher M28)" or "Previous (Decipher M30)" and click "Build".

A new survey is created that uses a previous project version.  You can now apply your older features to the new project.

For step-by-step instructions for starting a new project, click here.

You can also do this by editing the <survey> tag in the XML. Set the compat level to 133 or lower.