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Starting a New Project



In order to build your own surveys, your company must have access to the survey building application enabled. Contact your account manager to sign up or activate your Decipher account.

1:  Starting a New Project

To start a new project, click the "New Project" button in the top-right corner of the research hub:

The "New Project" dialog opens for you to get started. Enter a project name and select a project type.  Select "Online Survey" to build a survey. The Decipher platform hosts the survey and requires that respondents have an internet connection in order to take the survey:

Note: The project name is used in the Research Hub. Respondents do not see this name.

Enter a primary language for your survey. This will be the default language in which the survey is shown to respondents:

You can add secondary languages via the Language Manager or using the survey’s XML. Click here to learn more about managing multiple languages within your survey.

Next, select how you want to begin this project in survey builder.  You can choose to "Start from Scratch" to open the survey builder in a blank state.  You can always insert a template later from the element library as you develop your survey.  If you select "Start with a Template Survey" the element library opens for you to select a template to insert into the survey builder:

You can click the links expand the dialog to optionally specify:

  • Project info (description, and tags)
  • Advanced project settings (project directory, project path and project version)

Learn More: Project Types

2:  Specifying Project Info

Click the "Project Info" link to display project info settings:

First enter a project description to help you remember what the project was all about and to help you identify the project when searching.  Then add or remove tags for the project.  Tags are used for organization and for improved searching.

Learn More: Tagging Projects

3:  Specifying Advanced Project Settings

Click the "Advanced" link to display the advanced project settings.

First select the company directory to store the project from the dropdown. Next, you can optionally specify the project number portion of the project path.  Click the "Auto" link and enter a new unique string:

Once you are satisfied with your entries, click “Save & Return to Project Page” to go to the portal page for your new project, or click “Build” to create the project as is. If you do not specify a custom project path, the system automatically generates one for you.

This is used for the survey URL. Customizing the project number of the project path can be very useful for organizing your studies by groups or clients.

Note: only a-z, 0-9, and / characters are allowed. Do not use the following as the start of your project path:

"temp, tmp, sst, preview" (e.g. template2).

Finally, you can specify the project version. The system automatically upgrades you to the latest version of software.  You may select an older version to enable certain features that are not backwards compatible with the current release, if needed. After all settings for the new project are complete, click:

  • Save & Return to Project Page:  To save the name and settings entered in this window and return to the research hub, building the survey at a later time.

  • Build:  To create a new project according to your specification and open survey builder or element library if you have select to start with a template.

Note: Decipher remembers the expanded sections in this dialog for the next time you create a new project.

Learn More: Project Number