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Base de Conhecimento da FocusVision

Suggested Reading for Learning About Decipher

1:  The Research Hub

2:  Reporting

  • Reporting Capabilities: Provides an overview of the versatile, robust  and easy to use reporting capabilities that Decipher offers.
  • Overview of the Report Screen: Describes all of the features and links available in the homepage of the Report.
  • How to Run a Standard Report: Explains how to run a standard report, which allows you to view the aggregate totals of each question.
  • How to Create & Run a Custom Report: Provides a step-by-step guide showing you how to utilize the report area to create highly customized reports based on various criteria including date restrictions, answer restrictions and segment restrictions.

3:  Field Report

  • Overview of the Field Report: Provides an overview of the Field Report, which allows you to monitor the progress of your survey before, during and after it has launched.
  • Quotas Tab: Describes the quotas tab in the Field Report, which allows you to track your quotas in real-time (if your survey contains quotas).
  • How to Edit Quotas: Describes how to edit existing quotas in the Field Report.

4:  Dashboards

5:  Builder

  • Starting a New Project: This document walks you through starting a Builder project using the survey wizard.
  • Project Settings: This document provides an overview of the project summary and describes how to edit the global settings.
  • Overview of Builder Workspace: Provides an overview of the Builder workspace, which provides all the options and features for building your survey.
  • Survey Elements: Describes the survey elements available in Builder.
    • Basic Elements:  Contains information on how to create and use basic elements in Builder.
    • Structural Elements:  Contains information on how to create and use structural elements in Builder.
    • Interactive Elements:  Contains information on how to create and use interactive elements in Builder.
  • Logic & Options:  Contains information on how to add logic, images and other options in a Builder survey..

6:  Testing

  • Survey Testing Toolbar:  Provides an overview of the features of survey testing toolbar, which allows you to make direct text changes and add setting changes for our programmers to review and update.
  • Running Test Data:  Describes how to run test data through your survey. This automated system runs through a bug checking process developed to find potential errors in survey logic or survey flow.
  • Project Summary:  Allows you to easily view the URL's, exit links, quotas and settings for your survey.
  • QA Codes:  QA codes identify logic conditions, attributes and question labels for each question in a survey, making it easier to confirm that the correct conditions are included in a question.
  • Survey Version History: This page keeps track of all changes to the survey over time, allowing for snapshots in time of previous versions and the side by side comparison versus previous versions.

7:  Best Practices

8:  Fielding a Survey

9:  Campaign Manager