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After Building and Testing Your Survey

So, you finished your survey and tested until you were blue. You are 100% sure the logic is working correctly…what now?

Well, did that testing include exit links or exit text?  If not, you need to make sure you set up the respondent experience when they finish the survey. 

1:  Modifying the Default Survey Completion Text

By default, there is a set text for qualified, over-quota and terminated respondents. If you do nothing and launch, you will get the default text (which says something like "Thank you for completing survey.") If you want to modify the default text, click the "Sample Sources" element in the question tree and select "Add New Sample Source". In the "Sample Sources" page select "Custom Sample Source" and click "Insert". There you will be able to update the text shown to the respondent when they complete the survey, or choose to send the user to an URL. The steps are also shown in the Sample Sources document.

2:  Customizing Your Exit Screens

If you have more custom needs for your exit screens (e.g., you want to include multiple options, pipe variables, or lock down by unique ID's), then you will want to setup these features using the "Sample Sources" feature. To get there click the "Sample Sources" element in the question tree and select "Add New Sample Source". To find out more about adding pre-defined or custom entrance links or exit options, review the Sample Sources document.

In all cases you will want to be sure that your users are:

1) getting to the survey; 

2) collecting the proper info from the URL, and; 

3) leaving to the correct URL or text. 

This test of the flow through the survey is a must review before ever choosing to click the "Launch Survey" button. 

3:  Launching a Survey

Once you determine you are ready to collect sample, open the Project Controls menu    and select "Launch Survey" under the "Distribute".  The system then performs a series of checks as follows:

  • Re-checks your survey
  • Looks for open or unresolved tasks in the test survey tool
  • Verifies the sample source(s) are setup
  • Checks the mobile settings
  • Clears the test data
  • Sets the survey live

You will then have the option to review the report, field report, or go back to the portal.  These steps are covered in the Launching a Builder Survey document.

4: Monitoring Your Progress

Once the survey is live and sample has been sent, you will want monitor your progress via the field report and standard report. For more information about the field report or reporting in general, see the following folders: