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Sending an Email


You can use the Logic Library to send out a single email from your survey. This is done using the email logic node, and because it is only run once, can be a great way to follow up with congratulatory offers or other messaging for respondents completing a live survey.

1: Logic Syntax

To send out an automated email, you will need to add a <logic> tag to your survey, specifying both a label and uses="email.1":

<logic label="email" uses="email.1" />

2: Parameters

The following parameters can be passed to the email logic node:

Attribute Description
email:recipient The recipient's email address.
email:subject The subject of the email.
email:content The HTML content of the email.
email:company The name of the company shown in the email footer as its sender (you should also include physical address for CAN-SPAM compliance).
email:sender The name shown in the "From" field on the email (the sender address will always be nobody@decipherinc.com)
email:reply The name shown in the "Reply-To" field on the email.
email:delay Sets a delay on sending the email (in seconds); the email is not sent out until the specified amount of time has passed.

Note: Any remove list, etc. using bulk is ignored due to the computer resources required. Click here for more information about bulk emails sends.


<text label="q0" title="What is your email?" verify="email"/>
<res label="content">
<h3>Congratulations on completing the survey!</h3>
Great work clicking on all those:
   <li>Radio Buttons</li>
   <li>Submit buttons</li>
This email was sent from <physical mailing address here>.
<logic label="email"
     email:subject="Confirmation on completing the survey"

3: Email Considerations

The email sent by the email logic node is blank by default and requires manual input of all text and styling. You can use HTML and CSS to customize your email, but keep in mind that all emails should comply with CAN-SPAM laws and best practices.

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