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Clearing Data


You can use the Logic Library to force the removal of data from your survey at a pre-specified time. This is done using the clear data logic node, and is particularly useful in cases where you have used PII to collect respondent data and would like to clear it post-field.

1: Logic Syntax

To remove unwanted or unnecessary data, you will need to add a <logic> tag to your survey, specifying both a label and uses="cleardata.1", as well as the fields you'd like cleared. For example, if you wanted to clear the data at q1 for both rows 1 and 2, you might run the following script:

<logic label="clear" cleardata:at="2015-07-31 13:48" cleardata:fields="q1r1,q1r2"
   cleardata:allVariables="1" uses="cleardata.1" />

Note: As this logic node executes only once, you should set the cleardata:at variable to run after the survey has closed and no further completes are appearing.

2: Parameters

The following parameters can be passed to the clear data logic node:

Attribute Description
cleardata:at The date and time to clear the data; should be entered in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format.

A comma-separated list of variable names exactly as they appear in the default datamap. If there is a mismatch, you will get an error when the logic node executes and the data will not be cleared.

Tip: If you receive an execution error, you can modify the survey.xml file and refresh the survey to re-run the logic node, or use the "trigger" button from the logic list.

cleardata:allVariables Set to "1" to also allow clearing of any variables hidden from data downloads.

After successful completion, an email will be sent out containing the number of respondents, individual data cells, and variables affected by the data edit. The data edit is also included in the survey.log.

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