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Sharing the Field Report


You can use the Logic Library to share a survey's field report with other users who may not have access to the Decipher portal. This is done using the field report logic node, which will take a snapshot of the current field report and send it to one or more pre-specified recipients. The field report logic node is periodic, meaning that it can be scheduled to send out the report out at pre-defined intervals.

To learn more about periodic logic nodes, click here.

1: Logic Syntax

To start sharing your field report, you will need to add a logic tag to your survey, specifying both the recipient(s) and delivery time:

<logic label="fieldreport"

Acceptable Use Policy: All recipients of this report must have explicitly opted in to receive the message at the expected frequency and should expect to contact the survey author to be removed. Spam complaints from users may restrict your account's ability to use the logic nodes.

2: Parameters

The following parameters can be passed to the fieldreport.1 node:

Attribute Description

Determines how often the report gets sent out. It can be set to one of the following:

  • daily
  • hourly

Designates the intended recipient email address(es).

Multiple recipients can be supplied and should be separated by comma.

fieldreport:time Selects the time of day the report will be sent out. Use a 24-hour format with hours and minutes. If the logic node is added before 23:02, the send will happen the same day; otherwise the report will be sent out the next day.

Selects which of the following tabs will be included in the report:

  • completion
  • dropout
  • quota
  • terminate
  • custom custom reports (e.g., custrep.txt)
  • oldquota legacy quota report (i.e., hquota)

Separate multiple tabs with commas. 

fieldreport:message Can be added to include a message to the recipients.
fieldreport:split Can be added to split the report by a specified survey variable (e.g., list).
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