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Monitoring Quotas in Field

The quotas tab is only available if you have quotas set in your survey.

This area tracks the quotas set for your survey. Below is a numbered overview of the quotas screen along with descriptions of each feature. In the example below, we have captured the screen of a live survey to show the tracking in progress before all the quotas have been met.

Tip: You can hover over text, icons and numbers with your mouse to view a brief description.

1.  Email, print or download to Excel - Click on the icon to email, print or download the quota page to Excel.
2.  Manage Alerts - The alert system allows you to turn on an alert for any quota cell so that a notification will be sent to you once the cell is full. Learn more: Adding Quota Alerts in the Field Report
3.  Edit Quotas/Download buttons - Edit the quotas or download them (if available) in Excel format by selecting the corresponding icon. To learn how to edit quotas, click here.
4.  Quota - This column contains the name of the quota and each cell.
5.  Quota Limit - This column specifies the limit for each quota group.
6.  Quota Total - This column contains the actual number of respondents that have filled the quota, in real time. Refresh your browser window to view the latest counts.
7. Quota Need - The number of respondents currently needed to fill the quota.
8.  Color coding - The quota totals are color coded in order to identify if the quota is open, full, overquota, and if respondents are currently taking the survey.
        Black: The quota is open.
        Black & Bold: The quota is full and no respondents have gone overquota.
        Red & Bold: The quota is full and the total number is greater than the limit. This can happen if the quota limit is changed or if multiple respondents complete the survey at the same time when the quota is almost full.
        Green number in parenthesis: The number of respondents currently taking the survey who will qualify for the quota once they complete the survey.
        Red number in parenthesis: The number of overquota respondents.
        Red & Bold number in parenthesis: The number of overquota respondents that completed after the quota was filled.
        Red & Bold leading with + sign: The total indicates the number of respondents who were unable to qualify for any quota marker. This is likely caused by a programming error and should be addressed immediately.
9. Additional quota sheets - Additional quota groups for concepts, conjoints, etc. may appear below the main quota sheet.

Note: When running simulated data, quotas with smaller limits may run overquota. This must be done to ensure that enough test data is run through the survey to qualify it for launch.

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