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Element Library API

The element library API has some documented and undocumented endpoints.  Click here for all documented endpoints which are referenced below with the doc'd string.  The undocumented endpoints should be described on a per-client basis. For general information about the Decipher API, see Decipher REST API 2.0.

ELEMENTS = 'libraries/<company>/elements'
FEED     = 'libraries/<company>/feed'
SURVEY   = 'libraries/<company>/surveys/<path:survey>'
COMPANY  = 'libraries/<company>'
API = {
   'GET': {
       'ELEMENTS':    ELEMENTS,                  # (doc'd) return all elements
       'ELEMENT_ID':  ELEMENTS + '/<eid>',       # (doc'd) return a specific element by eid
       'SEARCH':      ELEMENTS + '/search',      # find an element given some search query
       'FEED':        FEED     + '/<feed>',      # get library feed by feed ID
       'SURVEY':      SURVEY   + '/elements',    # (doc'd) get survey elements
       'USERS':       COMPANY  + '/users',       # get users and groups for this company
       'SYNC':        ELEMENTS + '/sync',        # return all elements w/addtl. attrs for sync
       'PREFS':       COMPANY  + '/prefs'        # fetch user preferences
   'POST': {
       'ELEMENTS':    ELEMENTS,                  # (doc'd) add elements in bulk
       'ELEMENT_ID':  ELEMENTS + '/<eid>',       # (doc'd) add a new element
       'FEED':        FEED     + '/<feed>/ack',  # acknowledge receipt of feed ID
       'PREVIEW':     SURVEY   + '/preview'      # preview XML using this survey’s style
   'DELETE': {
       'ELEMENTS':    ELEMENTS,                  # delete ALL elements in company (staff only)
       'ELEMENT_ID':  ELEMENTS + '/<eid>'        # (doc'd) delete a single element
   'PUT': {
       'ELEMENT_ID':  ELEMENTS + '/<eid>',       # (doc'd) update an element
       'SYNC':        ELEMENTS + '/sync',        # upsert elements
       'PREFS':       COMPANY  + '/prefs'        # set user preferences