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Scheduling/Removing a Command Line Task

  Requires Decipher Cloud


The at, atq and atrm commands let you schedule, review and remove jobs to be run at a specified time in the future.

They are built-in UNIX commands and not a Decipher invention. If you are using this for an email sends, you must use bulk directly, which lets the job you schedule show up in the https://v2.decipherinc.com/admin/mailqueue page.

1: Scheduling a Task

To schedule a job, go to the right directories, run "at" with the date specification (run "man at" for a full list of its formats but it's best to specify both time and date explicitly rather than using the shortcuts), then enter the commands to execute, and press Control-D on an empty line.

Example (with your input in bold):

cd to the correct directory
at 11:59am Jan 31 2009
at> command
at> another command
at> (control-d)
job 1341 at 2009-01-31 11:59

This is typically used to schedule live and CloseSurvey executions. For bulk email, use the -a option of bulk only.

1.1: Viewing Scheduled Tasks

To view what jobs you have pending, run atq .

The results will include the job IDs and the date it will be executed. 

1.2: Viewing Task Details

To see what's actually in a job, run at -c jobid. You can ignore the first part of the result, which just sets up the environment; the main content is included at the bottom.

Note: You may only view your own jobs.

If you have many jobs, run bulkq to view all the job numbers plus the bulk command line in each one. 

2: Removing a Task

To cancel a job, run atrm jobid.

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