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Close Survey Command

  Requires Decipher Cloud

1:  Overview

The closed script is used to close a survey from the command line.

2:  Syntax

The syntax for the closed script is below:

closed <survey> [now]

For example:

closed selfserve/9d3/proj1234

This will close proj1234 with a 1 hour grace period. Respondents that have already loaded the first page of the survey will have 1 hour to complete the survey and all new respondents entering the survey will not be allowed in.

To remove this grace period, use the [now] option. For example:

closed selfserve/9d3/proj1234 now

This will close the survey immediately, kicking out all current respondents and disallowing any future respondents.

Use closed . to close the current directory's survey.

3:  Scheduling the Closed Script

Using the built-in Unix command, at, we can schedule the exact time to close a survey. The syntax for this command is below:

at 'time month day'
closed <survey> now

For example:

[shell]~ at '11:30am apr 11'
at> closed selfserve/9d3/proj1234 now
job 1 at 2014-04-11 11:30
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