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Status Tracker: HTML Email Web Bug

1:  Overview

The status tracker (or "web bug") is an invisible image within the HTML portion of an email that lets the sender know when the recipient has opened the email.

2:  How to Add Tracker to Email

To add a tracker to your email send, add the following code to the HTML portion of your email invitation:

   <img src='http://v2.decipherinc.com/tracker/[source]/survey/path/blank.gif' width='0' height='0'/>

The [source] will be the source of the recipient as indicated in the source column that should exist within the invitation list file generated via bulk-prepare.

You must replace the survey/path portion of the code above with the actual path to your project (e.g. /tracker/[source]/selfserve/9d3/proj1234/blank.gif).

The last part, blank.gif, can be any file name.

Survey names and IDs are limited to 32 characters. Anything beyond that will not be stored.

3:  How the Tracker Works

When the recipient accesses the email, a request will be made to the server for the tracker image file. Their source variable and project name will be sent with the request and this information will be stored and viewable in the field report's Campaigns tab.

It is at the sole discretion of the recipient to display HTML and fetch the tracker image file. An increasing number of email providers, by default, will not display images contained within emails until forced to.

4:  Find Out Who Opened the Email

  Requires Decipher Cloud

To find out who opened a certain email for any given project, run:

dump-opens selfserve/9d3/proj1234 > emails_opened.txt

The emails_opened.txt file will contain the source ID and timestamp for each recipient who opened the email and successfully fetched the tracker image.

The command dump-opens may take awhile to fetch all opens for a large project. If you only need find out who opened the email since a specific date, run:

dump-opens selfserve/9d3/proj1234 05/01/2014 > emails_opened.txt

The command above will only return those who opened the email since May 1, 2014.

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