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Finish Tag: Stop the Survey

1:  Overview

The <finish> element can be used to prematurely stop a survey.

This element shouldn't be used often. Consider using a <block> element instead to create sections in your survey. Learn more.

<radio label="Q1" optional="0">
  <title>Please choose one:</title>
  <row label="r1">Item 1</row>
  <row label="r2">Item 2</row>
  <row label="r3">Item 3</row>

<block label="One_more_question" cond="Q1.r1">
  <checkbox label="Q1_1" atleast="1">
    <title>Please select all that apply:</title>
    <row label="r1">Brand 1</row>
    <row label="r2">Brand 2</row>
    <row label="r3">Brand 3</row>
    <row label="r4">Brand 4</row>

  <finish />


In the example above, respondents who select "Item 1" at Q1 will see one more question before the survey is ended. These respondents are recorded as qualified completes.

2:  Attributes

The <finish/> element has access to the following attribute:

2.1:  now - End the Survey Immediately

The now attribute is a boolean value that controls when to end the survey.

By default, the survey will end when the page is submitted. If now="1" is specified, the survey will end as soon as the element is reached.

For example:

<radio label="Q1" optional="0">
  <title>Would you like to see one last message?</title>
  <row label="r1">Yes</row>
  <row label="r2">No</row>

<block label="EndNow" cond="Q1.r2">
  <finish now="1"/>

<html label="OneLastMessage" where="survey">
  <p>This is the last message! Thank you!</p>


3:  What's Next?

Learn more: The Term Tag is used to terminate respondents and the Block Tag is used to create sections in your survey. Use these instead!