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Choice Tag: Create Drop Down Selections

1:  Overview

The <choice> element belongs only to the <select> question type. Adding <choice> elements to your question creates more options in the drop down menu.

<select label="Q1" optional="0">
    Please select your state:
  <choice label="ch1">Alabama</choice>
  <choice label="ch2">Alaska</choice>
  <choice label="ch3">Arizona</choice>
  <choice label="ch4">Arkansas</choice>
  <choice label="ch5">California</choice>
  <choice label="ch6">Colorado</choice>
  <choice label="ch7">Connecticut</choice>
  <choice label="ch8">Delaware</choice>
  <choice label="ch9">Florida</choice>

2:  Attributes

The <choice> element is not equipped with any unique attributes. All attributes are specified as Cell Attributes and the <choice> element adds nothing more.

3:  Changing the Default "Select one..." Text

By default, the initial blank option shown in the drop down menu reads, "Select one...". As shown below, you can easily modify this initial text using a Resource Tag.

<res label="sys_select">Choose one of the following:</res>

4:  What's Next?

Check out the Select Tag for more on the <choice> element.