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Compat Levels

The compat attribute on a SurveyTag determines what new features that may break old surveys are enabled. All surveys without it are assumed to have compat="0". You should generally set compatibility level to the highest currently available value when creating the survey: changing it while running should be done only after consulting the below table.

Setting compat="2" will enable levels 1, 2.

Compat= Description    
  • New <themes> tag available.
  • Dynamically setting gv.survey.root.styles.ss.includeLESS is no longer allowed.
136 Image tag now respects optional attribute on the question level.    
135 Crosstabs weighting files now require using uuid as the key variable.    
  • For Essay type questions the ‘width’ option will now control the size of the text area box. The default is ‘50’.
  • Removed ability to import or use certain operating system-level (e.g. os, subprocess) Python modules in non-SECURE surveys
  • Element labels are limited to alphanumeric characters and underscore. Resource labels have a similar limitation but also allow . (period) and - (dash). Row/col/choice labels have additional label restrictions and can't use any of the following:
    • empty ival val search map any all count sum check attr unrestrict displayed styles ownstyles but unsafe_val values unsafe_open open valName disabled text page selected lget autofill rows cols choices amount minRanks atmost points title
  • Single select (radio) questions using FIR can be unchecked.
  • The virtual table, vterm, is automatically added to reporting when the setup survey attribute includes the value term.
  • A new survey tag style attribute, ss:logoAlt, which adds the survey logo alt text.
  • Respondent View - <span> with corresponding class ("pre-text"/"post-text") when ss:preText or ss:postText are used
  • Respondent View - removal of select2 styling for <select> elements
  • New Project dialog:  improved interface and ability to start a survey from a template.
  • Previewing a question: Toggle the preview between portrait and landscape views for tablet and mobile devices.
  • Theme Editor Export/Import:  Ability to customize the theme.less file to edit a theme or create a new one.
  • Internet Explorer 8 support dropped. For Internet Explorer 8 respondent view support, please use survey version 130.
  • Clickable areas for checkboxes and radio elements no longer span the entire width of the page.
  • vOS virtual question modified to include Windows 10.
  • vBrowser virtual question modified to include MS Edge.

When creating a new survey or applying a theme, preview the question/survey in a desktop, tablet or mobile environment.

  • Data encryption: List files uploaded to Campaign Manager, shared project files uploaded to portal and other files you choose can now be encrypted when they are stored. Also, email addresses are encrypted in the list.txt.log file. Additionally, you can specify to encrypt OE data.
  • Theme Editor:  An easy to use tool that allows users to customize themes for their surveys. Note that old themes are not compatible. You can downgrade compat versions to get your old themes back.
  • The list of illegal questions labels has been significantly expanded to avoid "unknown" fatal errors that can occur when certain question labels are assigned.
  • Surveys replace the "status" variable with a "status" question. This question can be used to split and filter data in reports.
  • Surveys have a "vdropout" question showing where a recovered respondent dropped out.
  • Font Awesome 4.2.0 is loaded into the survey respondent view.
  • XML style survey.question.answers.start modified.
  • Survey builder element menus and text editors updated.

Survey themes and styles now use Less


userAgents variable is automatically added to surveys

  • CATI comment and sample source added
  • Using mixed versions of DQ styles will generate an error
  • Offline detection is automatically added for smartphones
  • JavaScript files are minified
  • vbrowser includes MSIE 11
  • vos includes Windows 8
  • Must include setup="time" to generate a qtime question that measures overall interview time in seconds
  • Unnamed DQ questions (e.g. uses="fir") is equivalent to using the first version (e.g. uses="fir.1")
  • Survey values use "strict quoting" by default
  • Additional names have been forbidden from being used as labels
116 vbrowser includes MSIE 10    
  • Mobile device category and OS are captured in the extra variable named "dcua"; allowing splits the field and ordinary reports (vmobiledevice and vmobileos).
  • Themes created by theme builder can set the font and background color (default, selected and disabled must be set for BOTH)  for alternative questions.
  • The alerts system notifies users via email when certain data is entered in a survey or a marker goes over a threshold
114 Surveys will use jQuery 1.8.3    
  • Noanswer elements are moved after their question in the data downloads
  • mobile.css is checked (to support mobile compatible themes) and will be loaded if it exists in the static directory
112 Enables new dynamic questions    
111 Locks out all respondents without Javascript (use requires="" to disable). Locks out IE6 respondents.    
109 Required for "fingerprinting" and advanced deduping support (browserDupes set to safe or strict)    
108 A number or float question's .val attribute will now always return either None or the numeric value, never a string. Also changes to quota.xls format: importance level are set on cells and all plus markers have to be declared in the Defines tab, not in the individual tables.    
29 Random tags using count attribute apply conditions before counting the elements (see Block Tag: Create Sections )    
28 Any respondent that finishes the survey without OQ.., NQ, term: or DUPE markers will be marked as qualified automatically    
27 Default table ordering in report is always based on grouping; start_date variable added to data file; date format is configurable per server    
26 Fixed width can be set on individual variables in variables.xls rather than only only questions as a whole. Upgrading to this level in a live survey may shift your datamap.    
25 Checkbox and Radio questions with a single column have their legend back on the left side. You can upgrade from compat="24" to 25 on any survey (since 2011.2)    
24 Sample sources, language selection XML elements are supported. UTF-8 is always used as a character set. <survey> tag verifies style attributes exist. New styles implicit and required    
23 Checkbox and Radio question with a single column show their legend on the right per default. This can still be overridden with rowLegend="left".    
22 Survey markup has been revised to obey accessibility requirements     
21 nstyles file has been restructured to be easily configurable.    
20 Extra variables can be added, removed or reordered as you like even when the survey is live. Do not modify a survey with data from compat=19 or lower to compat=20 -- you need to hmerge for that to work. Also, newVirtual=1 is the default    
19 virtual questions no longer require programmer/QA approval (if you upgrade to compat=19 from a previous level, you will have to re-approve the survey again)     
18 unique="XXX" must refer to a valid extraVariable named XXX    
17 Enables additional QA approval elements for selfserve surveys    
16 A <suspend> is added before a <term>.    
15 System warning added to flag survey logic that uses data from unseen/unpopulated questions.    
14 Flash files references must be referenced with a relative path (e.g. /something/flash.swf, NOT http://v2.decipherinc.com/something/flash.swf).    
13 Automatically created condition table    
12 A SuspendTag is added before every QuotaTag and GotoTag that does not already have one    
11 Obsoleted clients, sssoe, clientFeatures attributes.    
10 Quota tables auto-generated by createQuotaTables restart their rows from r0 on each new quota table    
  • Stricter if tag verification: if tag errors out if no cond= is set or if where= is set, which makes no sense.
  • References to common.js, style.css etc. in styles must use static. e,g, [static]/s/styles.css rather than just /s/style.css.
  • New state.db (partial respondents) database formats makes recover run 5-50x as fast
8 Multiple responses from same browser are stopped per default; use browserDupes='' to disable    
7 <exec> within a question will be execute even when the question is redisplayed with errors.    
3 - 6 Affects old CMS functionality and has no additional effect now    
2 Automatic assignment of NetTag to rating questions. Labels required on most elements (questions, html, comment)    
1 ConditionLogic update, automatic hiding of empty questions