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Overview of the Survey Tag and Quick Links

1:  Overview

The <survey> element is the root of all survey elements and its attributes affect settings across the entire project.

All survey elements (e.g. questions, comments, sample sources, logic, etc...) will exist between the first <survey> tag and its ending </survey> tag.

For example, the following XML is automatically generated when starting a new project from the survey builder:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<samplesources default="0">
  <samplesource list="0">
    <title>Open Survey</title>
    <completed>It seems you have already entered this survey.</completed>
    <invalid>You are missing information in the URL. Please verify the URL with the original invite.</invalid>
    <exit cond="terminated">Thank you for taking our survey.</exit>
    <exit cond="qualified">Thank you for taking our survey. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!</exit>
    <exit cond="overquota">Thank you for taking our survey.</exit>


Listed below is every attribute available for the <survey> element along with its type and a brief description of what it modifies. Click on any of the attributes for a more detailed description.

2:  Attributes for Project Settings

Click on an attribute for more information.

Attribute Type Description
alt string Set the survey's alternative report name
Use this to name your project
builderCompatible bool Enable survey to be edited using survey builder? (does not affect XML editor)
compat int The survey compatibility level
encryptData bool Encrypts all open end fields and partial data
extraVariables slist Additional variables to capture that are saved in data results
fullService bool Only allow staff access to survey in survey builder?
lang string The survey's default language
name string The survey's name (displayed in browser tab/window)
otherLanguages slist Additional survey languages
unusedLanguages slist Survey languages that are available but never set or used and should be ignored by SST.
projectType enum The type of project (beacon, info, email, spss)
refcheck enum Perform code reference check? (yes, no)
unmacro bool Allow survey to be saved & edited in survey builder?
version int Read-only. The number of times this survey has had live edits or has been remerged.
remerged string Read-only. The timestamp of the most recent live edit and/or remerge.

3:  Attributes for Display Settings

Click on an attribute for more information.

Attribute Type Description
newStyle bool Load the nstyles files?
oldProgress bool Use the old progress bar calculations?
progressOnTop bool Display progress on top rather than in footer?
ss:customCSS string Load a custom CSS file from the /static directory
ss:customJS string Load a custom JavaScript file from the /static directory
ss:hideProgressBar bool Hide the progress bar?
ss:includeCSS string Load multiple CSS file from the /static directory
ss:includeJS string Load multiple JavaScript file from the /static directory
ss:logoFile string Path to the survey logo image
e.g. selfserve/9d3/proj1234/logo.png
ss:logoPosition string Position of the survey logo (middle, left, right)
fir string Replace standard browser form inputs with something better (off, on)
ss:listDisplay bool Display 1-column questions as lists instead of tables? (1, 0)

4:  Attributes for Question Settings

Click on an attribute for more information.

Attribute Type Description
displayOnError enum Set which questions should display upon a validation error? (bad, all)
html:showNumber bool Display question numbers in survey?
newVirtual bool Enable Python expressions in <virtual> elements?
pipeAltLabels bool Use altlabels for pipes?
pipeErrors  bool

Generate a fatal error for invalid piping.

Can be applied only to persistent variable piping. 

uses slist Specify which DQ question styles to use

5:  Attributes for Field Settings

Click on an attribute for more information.

Attribute Type Description
allowDupe bool Allow multiple submissions from same user? Rarely useful
allowedCountries slist Specify which countries should be allowed to take survey
alwaysSaveData bool Set to allow data load at page submission rather than survey completion
autosave bool Automatically save survey progress for respondents?
autosaveKey string Set an alternate key for to load autosave
browserDupes set How should browser dupes be handled? (default, cookie, safe, strict, blank)
closed bool Survey should be closed?
fingerprint set What fingerprinting information should be captured? (none, all, etag, browser, flash, html5)
forbiddenCountries slist Specify which countries should be forbidden from the survey
loadData string Specify a variable to load previous data from
loggedInCanSubmit bool Allow logged-in users to submit data?
markerTimeout int Timeout before markers are released
persistentExit bool Prevent the wrong exit URL from displaying (i.e. exit page) if the survey is resubmitted.
requires set Require JavaScript to be enabled? For surveys with compat < 111. (default, javascript)
secure bool Force survey to run using HTTPS?
setup string Setup the survey boilerplate (time, quota, term, decLang)
ss:disableBackButton bool Disable the browser's back button?
state enum Set the survey's current lifecycle (none, dev, testing, live, closed)
truesample set Specify TrueSample validation & data to capture (off, real, unique, engaged, qualified)
unique string Specify an extraVariable that must exists & be unique
uniqueOnly bool Require the extraVariable specified in unique to be unique without the use of invited.txt?
ss:enableNavigation bool Add a "Back" button to the survey.

6:  Attributes for Device Settings

Click on an attribute for more information.

Attribute Type Description
desktopNotAllowedMessage string Message to display when blocking desktops
deviceNotAllowedMessage string Message to display when a device is blocked
featurephoneNotAllowedMessage string Message to display when blocking featurephones
mobile enum Set the level of mobile device compatibility (none, compat, mobileOnly, noMobile)
mobileDevices set Specify which devices should be allowed (desktop, smartphone, featurephone, tablet, mobile)
mobileOnlyMessage string Message to display to non-mobile devices when only mobile devices are allowed
noMobileMessage string Message to display to mobile devices when only non-mobile devices are allowed
smartphoneNotAllowedMessage string Message to display when blocking smartphones
ss:disableOfflineDetection bool Disable the connectivity warning shown to smartphone devices?
tabletNotAllowedMessage string Message to display when blocking tablets
surveyDisplay string Specify how the survey layout should optimize based on device display size (auto, mobile, desktop)

7:  Attributes for Report Settings

Click on an attribute for more information.

Attribute Type Description
agents enum Set the expansion level of vos/vbrowser tables (normal, full, none)
alternatecb bool Use alternative column binary layout?
autoAddVariable bool Automatically add new variables to data layouts?
autoRecover bool Automatically recover partial respondents?
blankValue string Set the blank value output for tab-delimited files
capturePreciseTime bool Capture precise timing for each survey page?
cbUseFwidth bool Use fixed-width specified in variables.xls for column binary files?
checkboxBlankIfZero bool Replace 0 with blank value for <checkbox> questions?
dashboard string Specify a space-separated list of variables to include in dashboard
dashboardInclude string Specify an external data filename to include in dashboard
dashboardIncludeKey string Set the key variable to reference when including data in dashboard
fixedWidth enum Specify the size of fixed-width data fields (lax, tight)
flatKey slist Set the key variable for the OE Data (Flat Form) data export
flatShowEmpty bool Show empty lines in OE Data (Flat Form) data export?
forceDataCharset string Change downloaded data character encoding
fwoe set Specify the OE data to show in fixed-width files (text, other, textarea)
geoip set Auto-generate geoIP question? (all)
imagePrefix string Set the filename prefix for "Uploaded Files" data downloads
indexed slist Specify the variable(s) to index survey with
minimumSegment int Hide segments below this population size
multixt int Sets the number of cores to distribute crosstab processing.
namingScheme string Set the variable naming format
precision int Set the number of digits to display after decimal point for fixed-width data files
saveRandomOrder bool Save the order of shuffled elements when a respondent exits the survey.
spssSimpleCheckbox bool Show simpler value labels in SPSS?
sql bool Store survey data in SQL? - For panel surveys
sqlRefreshTime int Set the SQL database refresh time - For panel surveys
sqlTarget string Set the path to save SQL data - For panel surveys
trackCheckbox bool Show blanks instead of 0s for <checkbox> cells that weren't seen? Use trackVars instead
trackVars set If set to checkbox, will show blanks instead of 0s for <checkbox> cells that weren't seen. If set to term, will set a marker for each terminate. (none, checkbox, term)
weights string Specify weights for data weighting
zeroPad bool Enable leading zeroes for fixed width data files?

8:  What's Next?

More information about all of the attributes above are provided in the documents below: