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Managing Offline Surveys with the CAPI App



As an interviewer, it is possible for you to administer offline surveys you have been assigned from your mobile device using the Decipher CAPI app.

1: Preparing the App

To get started, download the "Decipher CAPI" app from the iOS or Android app store.

1.1: Logging in With a Decipher Account

If you are a Decipher user with at least Survey:View access, you can log into the CAPI app using your Decipher account information. On the app login screen, select the "Account Login" tab, fill out the following details, and then click "Login":

  • Region: Region in which your company/account server is located. If your account is on a cloud server, you would select "Custom" and enter the name of the server (e.g., "servername.decipherinc.com")
  • Username: Your Decipher account username (email)
  • Password: Your Decipher account password

1.2: Logging in Using an Access Code

If you do not have a Decipher account but have been provided with an access code, you can login to the app using this code. On the app login screen, select the "Access Code" tab, enter your unique access code and then click "Login":

2: Navigating the App

2.1: Overview of the Survey List

After logging into the app, you will see the app home screen, which includes a list of your current offline projects, along with some action items:

1. Project Filter: Toggles view to show either projects in testing or those that are live.

2. Menu: Displays app details, including current language and how much storage space has been utilized.

3. Project List: Displays all projects within the selected filter.

4. Download: Downloads survey data to the current device. Downloading a project to a device stores the survey files and any collected respondent data on the device until it has been uploaded to the Decipher server.

Additionally, any new projects that you have been granted access to will display a “NEW” badge next to the survey name:

2.2: Configuring Menu Options

You can view additional details for the app by clicking "Menu" at the top right of the homescreen:

Opening the "Menu" will provide you with the following app information and settings options:

1. Email: Displays your name/email address.

2. Logout: Redirects you back to the app's login page.

You will be unable to logout out while in an offline state.

3. Language: Allows you to toggle the app interface to one of the available languages.

4. Remove from Device: Allows you to remove the stored survey resources from your device.

5. Storage Space: An aggregate of all of the projects and data stored on your device.

Most browsers have a limit of roughly 5 MB of storage. You will receive a message in both the app and the browser when your browser storage is approaching its limit.

3: Managing Surveys with the App

The project page allows for testing and fielding a survey, viewing its collected complete counts, and toggling the survey into various languages depending on what’s available.

3.1: Viewing Survey Details

To view a survey's project page, click the survey name on the app home screen:

The following survey information and settings options are available on the project page:

1. Menu: Allows the interviewer to view the app language and current browser storage status.

2. Survey Title: Displays the selected survey's title.

3. Survey Language: Allows the interviewer to change the survey language.

This field will not show unless additional languages have been setup via the Language Manager within Decipher.

4. Start Survey: Starts the selected survey as a live respondent. This option will save any data that is collected if the survey is live.

5. Practice Survey: Starts the selected survey as a test respondent. This option will not save any data that is collected.

Projects in a "testing" state will not store any data collected once the state is changed to live.

6. Completed Surveys: Displays the total count of completes collected for the selected survey.

7. Partial Surveys (on device): Displays the total count of partial completes collected for the selected survey.

3.2: Practicing a Survey

It is a good idea to practice any assigned surveys prior to fielding them to familiarize yourself with the content and questions. Practice surveys will not count as completed and data for these will not be saved within the app or browser.

To practice a survey within the app, select "Practice Survey" on the desired survey's project page:

The survey will appear as it would for field. Test the survey by responding to questions and clicking "Continue" on each page. At the end of each test, you will be redirected back to the project page.

If you would like to end a practice survey before completing it, click "Menu" at the top right:

Then select the "End Practice Mode" button or click "Logout":

3.3: Fielding a Survey

To start fielding a live survey, click "Start Survey" on the project page:

Then work through the survey by selecting respondents' answers to questions and clicking "Continue" on each page. After the last survey question has been submitted, the following page appears, with options to return to the project page or start a new survey:

On the project page, the newly completed survey will appear under "Completed Surveys" and you will receive a success message in green:

The app also allows interviewers to end a live survey if necessary, or save a respondent's current progress for resuming an interview at a later time. To pause an interview, click "Menu" at the top right of any survey page:

Then choose between the following options:

  • End Survey: Click here to end the survey. This option will erase the respondent's current progress and remove their data.
  • Save for Later: Click here to end the survey and save the respondent's current progress.

When saving a respondent's progress, be sure to provide a name or description for the record to help you identify it later in the list:

Once saved, partially completed surveys will be listed under the "Partial Surveys (on device)" section on the project page:

If you choose to upload a partial to the server, it will be saved as a partial count (not a complete), and you will not be able to resume that survey at a later time. Deleting the partial will make it irrecoverable

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