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Dynamic Question Versioning

1:  Latest Versions

The version number is used when converting to a dynamic question through XML. The question will require adding uses="style.version", where style is the question style name(shown in parenthesis) and the version is the version number of the style to be used. A LIVE version is the preferred version number for the style. All versions below the live version are available for use but will have less features available.

Question Style XML Style Name LIVE Version XML Reference Smartphone Optimized? Tablet Optimized?
Audio Player audio 3 audio.3 Yes Yes
Autosum autosum 5 autosum.5 Yes Yes
Button Rating atmrating 5 atmrating.5 Yes Yes
Button Select atm1d 8 atm1d.8 Yes Yes
Button Select Grid atmtable 6 atmtable.6 No Yes
Card Sort cardsort 6 cardsort.6 Yes Yes
Card Rating cardrating 1 cardrating.1 Yes Yes
Form Image Replacement fir 2 fir.2 Yes Yes
Grid Separator separator 5 separator.5 No Yes
Image Map imgmap 4 imgmap.4 No Yes
Media Evaluator bcme 5 bcme.5 No Yes
Multiple Column Layout multicol 7 multicol.7 Yes Yes
One Row At A Time onerowatatime 2 onerowatatime.2 No Yes
Page Timer timertest 3 timertest.3 Yes Yes
Page Turner pageturner 4 pageturner.4 No Yes
Quester Interactive Textbox quester 1 quester.1 Yes Yes
Rank Sort ranksort 4 ranksort.4 Yes Yes
Rating Scale ratingscale 5 ratingscale.5 No Yes
Slider Decimal sliderdecimal 3 sliderdecimal.3 Yes Yes
Slider slidernumber 5 slidernumber.5 Yes Yes
Slider Rating sliderpoints 3 sliderpoints.3 Yes Yes
Shopping Cart shoppingcart 3 shoppingcart.3 Yes Yes
Star Rating starrating 5 starrating.5 Yes Yes
Text Highlighter hottext 3 hottext.3 Yes Yes
This or That leftright 1 leftright.1 Yes Yes
Video Player bcvideo 5 bcvideo.5 Yes Yes
Video Player (YouTube/Vimeo) videoembed 3 videoembed.3 Yes Yes
Video Testimonial videocapture 1 videocapture.1 Yes Yes

2:  Upgrading to the Latest Version

Using multiple versions of a DQ style will result in a fatal error. If you need to upgrade a DQ style from a previous version (e.g. cardsort.1) to the most recent version (e.g. cardsort.3), you have two options:

  1. Reset the styles for all older versions to the "Basic" style using the style manager
  2. Use the XML Editor to manually update the version number

To reset the style using the style manager, click the link and select "Basic" from the drop down menu. Do this for each question using the older version.

The second approach requires you to enter the XML editor and manually update the version numbers.

Click here to learn more: XML Edit

First navigate and find all questions which use an older version and use the table above to change the older version to the most up-to-date, LIVE version.

Use the Find & Replace tool ( CTRL+SHIFT+F )

For example, given the question below that uses an old version of the Form Image Replacement question:

<checkbox label="Q1" builder:styleManagerName="fir.1" uses="fir.1">
    <title>Please check all that apply</title>
    <row label="r1">Item 1</row>
    <row label="r2">Item 2</row>
    <row label="r3">Item 3</row>

Update both attributes that reference "fir.1" to the LIVE version, "fir.2":

<checkbox label="Q1" builder:styleManagerName="fir.2" uses="fir.2">
    <title>Please check all that apply</title>
    <row label="r1">Item 1</row>
    <row label="r2">Item 2</row>
    <row label="r3">Item 3</row>

Newer versions of the dynamic style may not include attributes present in the older version, so an error may occur if unknown attributes still exist. You will need to remove any old, outdated attributes before continuing.