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Audio Player Element

1:  Audio Player Overview

Respondents listen to an audio clip. The audio player element utilizes multi-select form, with no answer options.

  • The Audio Player uses HTML 5
  • New version is available in survey compats 131+
  • Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone compatible

The following is an example of the Audio Player element.

Learn more: Audio Player Concepts

2:  Adding an Audio Player Element

Note: You can set the "Show" filter to display only elements that are compatible or optimized for the devices allowed for your project. Click here to learn how to verify your project settings.

To insert an audio player element, add a new survey element, select the "Multimedia" tab and choose "Audio Player." Then click "Insert."

Enter the question text into the area provided. Question instructions can be entered in the "Instruction" field.

2.1:  Upload the Audio Clip

The audio clip can be uploaded in our file manager, or hosted on a separate domain.

To access the file manager, click on the "Actions" menu and select "Upload System Files." Then click here to find out how to use the file manager and upload your audio clip.

The audio clip must be in mp3 format.

Once uploaded, click on the copy icon to copy the audio file path to your clipboard. The path is required in the next step of the setup, configured in the style settings.

At this point you can return to the survey builder. To do this, click on "Build" and select "Edit Survey." Then locate your audio player question to continue the setup.

3:  Style Settings

To configure the display settings and link to the video for the audio player element, click the "Style: Audio Player" link.

Configure the settings for the audio player element. Additional information about each feature will appear when you mouse-over the text. Click "Preview" to preview the settings. Once the changes are made, click "Save."

Style Setting Description
Audio Path (mp3)

Enter the path of the mp3 audio uploaded in the file manager. You may also provide a full link to the mp3 audio.

/survey/[path]/file.mp3 or http://www.domain.com/file.mp3

Must Listen

When checked, the audio must play through the end in order for the respondent to continue to the next question. The button will not be clickable until the audio is over.
When unchecked, the respondent may skip the audio and continue to the next question at any point.

Tip:  When forcing respondents to listen to the entire audio track, we recommend disabling seeking so respondents can't jump to the end of the audio track using the slider.

Allow Seek

When checked, respondents can jump to different points in the audio with the slider.
When unchecked, respondents cannot jump to different points in the audio with the slider.

Allow Pause When checked, the audio can be paused.
When unchecked, pausing is not available.
Allow Replay When checked, the respondent can replay the audio clip.
When unchecked, replaying is not available.

When checked, the audio clip will automatically play for the respondent.
When unchecked, the respondent must click the play button to play the audio clip.

Auto-Start only works for Desktop. Mobile users must press Play.

Auto-Advance When checked, the respondent is automatically advanced to the next page when the audio is finished playing.
When unchecked, the respondent will be required to click continue/finish to advance to the next page.

Once the question is setup you can preview the element at any time by clicking on "Preview" located at the top right corner of the element. To find out more about previewing an element, click here.

4:  General Options

The options available are located on the right side of the screen. You can set rules for the entire question by clicking near the question text. Each of the following options, when altered, affect all attributes within the element.

  • Label: The label assigned to the element. You may edit the default label for the element here.
  • Type: Displays the element type. You may change the element type to multi-select, number, select or text.
  • Show If: Allows you to create new logic conditions or select an existing logic condition for the element. For more information, click here.
  • Languages: Select what languages the element will show in if the survey has multiple languages. The default is "all languages."
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