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Creating a Registration Survey Using Decipher


KinesisPanel customers are able to create a Registration Survey directly in Decipher. Data captured by this survey will automatically become “datapoints” in KinesisPanel.


1: What is a Registration Survey?

A Registration Survey is an online survey that can be used to qualify and register potential panelists. The Registration Survey can also collect additional data for each panelist.

2: Creating a Registration Survey

To create a Registration Survey, you must first generate a special link within Kinesis. To generate your link, enter both your Decipher instance and company ID within the "Registration Survey" tab of your Panel Properties editor in Kinesis. Please contact our support team or your account manager if you cannot locate this tab within your Kinesis account.

Note: Only one Registration Survey is allowed per panel, so if you have multiple panels, you will need to repeat this process for each panel individually.

Once you create your link, you can click on that link to open a blank Registration Survey within the Decipher New Project window. To finalize creation of your Registration Survey, you will want give it a name, set the Primary Language, and then click “Build”:

3: Building Out a Registration Survey

3.1: Required Question & Sample Sources

Upon creation, your Registration Survey will appear in the Survey Editor. All necessary information will be included automatically for a Registration Survey to function. This includes two sample source elements (one for new panelists and one for existing panelists returning) and the first survey question called “register”:

Note: The “register” question configuration must not be altered. You may change/format any text you wish and move to any location. “Email” must be the first row and “Password” must be the second. It should also include the condition to show if “not condition.isPanelist” to ensure that it is only shown to new respondents and not existing panelists.

3.2: Additional Questions & Datapoints

To add datapoints to your Registration Survey, you would just add questions through the Survey Elements Manager, as you normally would for any Decipher survey. You can also add structural elements, such as the terminate element, and apply logic to screen out respondents you would not like to qualify for your panel. You may also setup quotas.

If you have never built a survey within Decipher before, click here for more information on how to use the Survey Editor.

Note: Any questions you add to a Registration Survey within the Elements Manager will be created as datapoints within KinesisPanel once the survey is launched. Deleting/removing a question does not remove its associated datapoint from KinesisPanel. Datapoint removal can will need to be done manually via the Datapoint Manager within KinesisPanel once a question has been created.

3.3: Limitations

While there are many options available for building out a Registration Survey, there are also some limitations on question types that can be added due to datapoint functionality within KinesisPanel.

The following question types cannot be used within Registration Surveys:

  • 2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional question types (e.g. grid questions)

  • Multiple input open-ends questions (e.g. more than one text box)

  • Row/column modifiers (e.g., “Open End”, “noanswer”)

  • Loops

  • Autofill

  • Dynamic questions with any of the above data structures

  • Multi-Media questions

Note: Dynamic Questions that fit the acceptable data structures are allowed within Registration Surveys.

If you try to add any incompatible elements while building out your Registration Survey, you will come across a error message within the Survey Editor and will not be able to launch your survey until the error is corrected or removed:

4: Launching a Registration Survey

You can launch your Registration Survey using the same process that you would for a normal Decipher survey. If you have never launched a Decipher survey before, click here for a guided walkthrough.

Once your Registration Survey is live, you will see your new datapoints and their associated questions appear in the KP Datapoint Manager under your panel:

Note: The datapoints that you create within your Registration Survey will not appear within your Kinesis panel until your survey is set live.

5: Respondent Experience Considerations

Both new and existing panelists can enter a Registration Survey. Their experiences will be quite different depending on what type of user they are. For this article, we will only be discussing new panelists. Click here for information regarding existing panelists.

5.1: Survey URLs

Once a new sample source is added, a new survey URL for it will automatically be created within the Project Summary page to be used for fielding.

Click here for more information on locating your survey link(s).

5.2: New Panelists

New panelists must enter a Registration Survey through the “New Panelist” sample source URL. Other URL variables may be appended for data collection.

Note: URL variables will not pass to KinesisPanel. These will be stored in Decipher only.

Respondents will answer questions as they normally would in any survey.

Upon completing the Registration Survey (and determined qualified panelists), respondents will receive an automated email to confirm their opt-in to your panel, and be saved as a new panelist within your KinesisPanel.

6: FAQs

Q: If I wanted to add additional contact information fields for my panelists, would I add that to the “register” question?
A: No, the “register” question will only store the “email” and “password” per panelist within KP and must not be changed/altered. To track additional panelist details, you will need to create a new question with row options for each piece of information.

Note: The “email” and “password” fields will only be stored within KP once the panelist clicks “Continue”; these fields will also not be available within any Decipher reports.

Q: Do I need to add page breaks around the “register” question?
A: No, the “register” question can be positioned anywhere within the Registration Survey, and does not require page break bumpers; it can be added onto the same page with other questions without losing any functionality.

Q: What if I already have a Registration Survey in place for my panel?
A: You will not be able to add a new Registration Survey to your panel if you already have one for it. Click here for information about transferring an existing Kinesis Registration Survey to Decipher.

Q: Can I add new datapoints to an existing Decipher Registration Survey?
A: Yes. You can add new questions to your Decipher survey any time the survey is re-launched and/or live changes are merged, and these will automatically be added to KinesisPanel as datapoints. Click here for more information on editing a live survey within Decipher.

Q: Can I remove datapoints from an existing Decipher Registration Survey?
A: While you can remove questions from your Decipher survey at any time, the datapoints will still exist within KinesisPanel once they are created; to remove the datapoints, you will need to manually delete them using the Datapoint Manager within KinesisPanel.

Note: Deleting datapoints within KinesisPanel is not recommended within previously run surveys, as you will lose all collected data for that datapoint.

Q: Can I hide questions from respondents from within my Registration Survey?
A: Yes. If you would like to hide a question from panelists within the Registration Survey, but keep the KinesisPanel datapoint for it, you would just add skip logic to that question using the Elements Manager. This is particularly useful for creating a profiling survey, where certain demographics may change over time.

Note: You can also hide questions using the “where” question attribute within the survey XML. Click here for more information on using where.

Q: Can I update my panelists’ data within the Registration Survey?
A: Yes. Please see click here for more information.

Q: Can I change the survey theme for my Registration Survey?
A: Yes, you can change the survey theme and add any styles you wish; there are no limitations on survey style elements.

Q: What happens if a respondent attempts to register twice?
A: If a respondent already has a panel account within KP and they try to re-register their email address, they will receive an immediate error message stating “Registration failed: Duplicate email”.

Q: What happens if a respondent leaves the survey after completing just the “register” question?
A: If a respondent leaves the survey after completing only the “register” question, they will be tagged as an “unconfirmed” panelist within KP and still receive an opt-in follow up email. Click here for more information on managing Kinesis panelists.

Q: What happens if there is an error submitting data or a KP server cannot be reached when creating a Registration Survey?
A: Any issues with connectivity should be displayed within the project warnings report prior to launching your Registration Survey.