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Piping Sample Information into Question Text

For personalization, you can pipe information like names, ages, and email addresses into a survey from an uploaded source file/recipient list. 

Step 1:  Create your recipient list.  For detailed instructions, see: Creating a Recipient List

When creating the recipient list, make sure to include all the variables that you want to pipe into the survey. 

When creating the name of the variables, be sure to remove all spaces. For example "first name" should be "first_name." This step is necessary to ensure that the syntax for the pipe works properly in step 4.

Step 2:  Upload the recipient using the email campaign manager.  For detailed instructions see: Uploading a Recipient List.

Step 3:  In survey.xml, enable the automated database system (ADB) and add the ADB attribute to the sample source.

To do this, in survey.xml, add "mail" to the comma-separated lists attribute in the main <survey> tag (e.g. lists="mail"). Refer to line 11 in the graphic below.

Then locate the <samplesource> tag and add the attribute, abd="1" as shown in the highlighted area below (line 22).


Step 4:  Add the pipe to your survey.

Find the piping location in the survey.xml file and use the following syntax:


Replace "variable_name" with the field you want to pipe from your recipient list.


The following is the code that is shown on line 34 in the previous example:

<html label="cm1" where="survey">Welcome to this awesome survey, ${str(adb["first_name"])}.  You are ${adb.age}!</html>

Step 5:  Save all changes and test your survey.