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Piping Answers from a Multi-Select Question

You can use the autofill element to create a pipe from a multi-select question and then pipe those answers into a new question. Overall, the autofill element can be used for creating segments, auto-punching and advanced piping.  Responents will not see autofill elements.

To pipe answers from a multi-select question into a new question, first insert an Autofill element.  Click "Add Survey Element." Then on the left panel, click "Structural" and then "Autofill."  Click "Insert."

Enter a title and update the autofill "label" on the right panel, if desired. Make sure that the title is easy to understand as you look at the report after your project has launched.

Next, click "Edit Answers" to create the text that you want to pipe from the multi-select question. Each pipe text option should be on it's own line in the autofill answer editor.  The graphic below shows an example of the text to pipe.

Next, add logic conditions for each pipe text option.  This logic specifies what text should be piped into the question. To do this, click the corresponding "all" drop down at the right. Then click "+ condition" and the logic editor opens. When the logic has been added, click "Save."

The graphic below is an example of the logic for piping the Domestic option.


For more information about adding logic: click here.

Then click "Page Break" to add a page break below the autofill element.

Finally, in the question tree at the left, select the question where you want to apply the new pipe.  Use the piping tool to Insert the pipe into the question text.  For detailed instructions, see Using the Piping Tool.

The graphic below shows a question where a pipe has been applied.

You have now piped answers from a multi-select question into a new question. As a last step, manually test your survey to make sure the pipe is working as expected.  Run through your survey in "Respondent View" or "Testing with Tools" view.

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